Friday, 29 July 2011

Etsy UK Front Page!

Exciting news all!
My Hazy Morning treasury has made it onto the Etsy UK front page!

I am so excited I just had to tell you all!
What do you think?

I hope it brings lots of exposure to all featured :)

On another note,
I have opened a new shop on Etsy.
It's not quite there yet, and I am in the process of sorting out my photography with them, but I would like to introduce you all to my Puddys!

Please go along and say hi!
They're very shy and feeling a bit nervous in they're little shop, but they would love to meet you!
And there will be more soon, they're just tidying themselves up to be presentable.

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to win a pair of cute little mice!
Only 3 days left!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some Lovely Blog Features

Over the last week or so I have been honoured to be featured in some lovely blogs!
It's been a busy week making and designing and I was so wonderfully surprised with these features that I just had to share with you all a great big thank you!



Thank you so much! Your lovely words have made me so happy! :)

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to win a pair of very cute, felted mice!
Just leave a comment telling me which is your favourite item from my SHOP for a chance to win them both!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


To celebrate reaching 100 followers on my facebook page
I have decided to thank you all so much with a double giveaway!

Please let me introduce you to this pair

These little mice are entirely needle felted just for you in this giveaway. I did think about trying to separate them for 2 giveaways, but I couldn't bring myself to part them. They're the bestest of friends and would really like a home together!

So, here are the rules to win this adorable pair of mice.
Firstly follow my blog, and then:

1. For one entry, visit my shop and comment on my blog about which item is your favourite.

2. For two entries, tweet about this giveaway and post a comment on my blog with the link or post a link on your facebook and copy the link here. Do both and you will get three entries.

The giveaway deadline is 31/07/2011 and I will put all of your names into a hat and pick a winner!

Looking forward of your comments!
Good luck! :)

Friday, 1 July 2011


Everyone, I would like to introduce you to InkLinks!
InkLinks, please tell us about yourself.

Greetings Etsians and friends from Lito, the creator of Inklinks. As far as arty streaks go I had always one under my sleeve, but apart from doodling and painting pebbles I didn’t do much with it. I focused on words instead: words that get inked down (Ink) and words that are linked to each other crafting new meanings (Links). Do the materials that we use to write –writing implements and instruments like pens, pencils, writing surfaces, inks, paper – influence the way we write or even the way we think? I went hunting for vintage office and desk supplies and I made some of my own. And so Ink Links was born.

There is something about vintage writing instruments and supplies – they have got stories which are embedded in their signs of wear and tear, they are written on – by time. These untold stories inspire me. I salvage all kinds – writing cases, old stamps, boxes, ink bottles, vintage stationery, battered hole punchers and Sellotape tins – and put them on Inklinks to pass them on to others, so that more stories can be written. Sometimes I add something to them – images from my pencil collection have been used to upcycle cigar boxes for example – and I use my own images or vintage pen adverts to create paperweights out of pebbles found on English coasts.

I’m a historian, freelance web content writer and blogger. I write about pens, pencils, inks and nibs in past and in the present, in the hands of writers, artists and thinkers in my blog Palimpsest.

You are so inspiring Lito. I love how you see so much further into "everyday objects", rather than just letting the physical presence of items take the focal point, you see so much more.
If cost and time wasn't an issue, what would you do with your talent?

 If I could make anything regardless of the price and time it would take, I would create an office supply cabinet out of recycled/reclaimed materials. And set it on wheels.

That's a brilliant idea! I love how you take the meaning of objects and share them with us all!
To see more of InkLinks work, please follow this link and be inspired!

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