Friday, 31 May 2013

Uniquely UK

Something quite exciting is happening in my little felty world at the moment!
Rebecca's Emporium is collaborating with 10 other artists and makers to create a new shop combined of all of our wonderful things!

~   Uniquely UK   ~

It's been building and building for a few months now, and we've got to the stage of launching our own Folksy shop together, and soon we'll be venturing into launching our own website!
The wonderful people I've been working with are:
GracesFavours  ~
PursePoppet  ~
Blucha  ~
JaneCrick  ~
TataniaRosa  ~
And Myself ~ Rebecca's Emporium ~
(These are all linked to their Etsy shops so that you can see the wonderful variations of work we'll be bringing together)
And we're all coming together here:
We're so excited to get things kicking off!
We're still building bits and pieces and working on stock, but we've already got such a great following!
Pop over and join our
and our
to keep an eye on what we're up to and all of the exciting things coming soon to

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Planning A Garden

We have a garden for the very first time as a couple.
Our very own place to grow and nurture all sorts of wonderful things!
It's only a small space with a few trees and a little flower bed, but we're planning a little herb garden and some pretty flowers in pots!
We might even try growing some tomatoes and other veg.
Fingers crossed we have the gift of green fingers!
These are a few ideas and inspirational images I've found mooching through the internet that would make the perfect little garden!

These wonderful, simple plant markers are perfect for keeping an eye on which herbs you have. Especially if you're trying out some new herbs and might not remember what they are from the leaves!
I just love the look of flowers and plants spilling out of things, growing where you wouldn't expect them to grow. Something a bit different from your normal, upright growing flowers., this would definitely make the garden a whole lot more interesting. And who says you have to grow your plants in a upright terracotta pot anyhow?
I'd definitely like to re-create this 'spilling plant' look.
From Bee Box-Bee Hotel by Wudwerx Via Folksy
And this is just such a brilliant idea! I really want our little garden to attract as much wildlife as possible. I hope to make some homemade bird feeders and find something to use as a bird bath too, but don't forget the bees! And this is so perfect and compact, it could easily go down the bottom of our garden where we wouldn't disturb them, and they come in beautiful colours too.
I really can't wait to get my hands on our little patch of earth. And bit by bit we can grow it into a proper little paradise, full of life and colour, and a perfect place to relax in.
Let's hope for a sunny weekend!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Take A Walk

The weather might not be that great out there at the moment,
but getting a breath of fresh air is still a must!
I don't know if it's me being all pregnanty, but I can't go a single day without wanting to stretch my legs and take in lung fulls of fresh air. - even if it is cold, rainy fresh air!
And last weekend was possibly our best walk about weekend in our new place so far!
We decided to go exploring and wondered down some lovely little country lanes
and we made some lovely friends.
Hello Cow!
And she followed us all the way along the hedgerow
And then we found her friends
I love cows, I think they're such gentle, curious creatures.
We met horses too
and there were donkeys at a wonderful farm shop that came to say hello.
All of the animals were so friendly and they all came over to see us and see what we were up to.
I feel so excited to know that all of these lovely characters are just outside our front door!
I think I'll have to pop back and visit them all again next weekend.
Sometimes I feel that with all of our busy lives and our ever growing world of technology, we forget to just go outside and see who's out there.
The air is great, the plants are all so unique and intricate, and the animals are just adorable!
I can't advise taking a break from the computer and the TV enough.
Find something new out there. A new daisy you haven't seen before or a herb hiding in the grass, or a friendly cow that follows you on your walk.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Decorating On A Budget

This time last month we were getting all excited to move into our lovely new house!
Me and Lewis had spent over a year living with his parents, and whilst it was lovely and great to live with such lovely people,
we really started to crave our own space!
So, on the 20th of April, we moved into a lovely little 2 bed house!
We did fall in love a bit
But then we came across a problem. We didn't have very much money left after the big payments of rent and deposits and extra fees, and we still didn't have any furniture in the house!
So if you need a whole house full of furniture but lack the funds straight away,
 here's a few handy tips:
~ Borrow
 Lewis' parents were kind enough to lend us their double inflatable bed, which is actually amazingly comfortable. You can let air in or out of it to your preferred 'mattress' type.
~ Hand-me-downs
Lewis' parents were also lovely enough to give us one of their old sofas.
It might be a bit torn here and there, and the support at the bottom has gone, but we can cover it with a pretty fabric and it's more than comfy enough.
~ Boxes
After moving house you'll find you have a gazillion spare boxes lying around, and while a few of them can go in the recycling bin and the big ones can go in the loft for future packing needs, you might find that some come in quite handy!

A box coffee table!
If you stack an upside down box inside and place a sheet of card on top it'll help strengthen the middle of the table. And don't forget to tape all of the edges so it stays secure.
This will work for side tables, pot stands and things too. I haven't tested the weight for extra seating, but I'm sure if you filled it with enough boxes for structure you could make some handy little stools too!
And the best thing of all about box furniture is that you can doodle all over it and it doesn't matter.
Decorate your own table!

(You can find the quirky coasters from , a must for every fun coffee table!)
I love having a little DIY house. I'm planning some fun bunting and maybe some pom pom decorations soon. I think knowing that nothing has to permanent and that you CAN draw on the furniture opens so many creative doors.
We'll get proper furniture soon, but hopefully we'll have just as much fun with our new pieces as well!

Monday, 13 May 2013

A Little Secret!

Whilst a bit of blog re-decorating is going on,
I've been shouting to the rooftops about a little secret I've been sitting on for 12 weeks...
Me and Lewis are so excited!
I know we're still early days, and you're never truly in 'the safe zone', but just getting past these 12 weeks is an amazing feeling!
We went for our first scan last week and by gum, it moves SO much!
I'd been reading up about how big it was getting with each week, and just had in mind a little growing mass of cells, and then this little lovely is presented to us on the ultrasound screen.
Moving around as if someone's tickling it all over.
And the nose! It's little nose!
And hands and feet and mouth... I'm pretty certain I spent most of the scan just gaping at this amazing little creature who has grown so much without me even knowing it!
It's been quite an adventure so far, and it's going to get so much more adventurous!
I'm so excited, but I'll admit, a little terrified too.
This is so new!
So if there is anyone out there with future mum/pregnancy advice, feel free to pass on some wisdom!
I'm sure there will be lots of random pregnancy 'Oh my god, this happened' posts in the future, so I'll keep you updated!
I hope that you all had a lovely weekend

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Lick Of Paint

Do you know that feeling when you've just cleaned your room or your working area
and you suddenly feel so inspired to create something awesome?
That's what I'm craving at the moment!
So as part of my new blog dedication plan
I'm going to give my little page a lick of paint!
or a digital one at least.
I've had this wonderful place to ramble and shout about all sorts of things for about 2 years now!
And I think it's about time I gave it a little spruce up!
So, where to start?
~ Research
These are a few blogs which I have just fallen in love with!
The colours and layouts of these blogs all work with their character and what they're about.
Everything just sort of comes together to really give you an idea of the person behind the blog.
The pages are bright and easy to navigate round,
and there's lots to read and snoop through.
The subjects are interesting, and the posts have a really inviting, physical quality.
So, my next plan of action folks,
is to turn this wonderful little space into something
I'm going to turn to my trusty Inkling to help me out too.
If you'd like to know more about the awesomeness that is the Inkling, I wrote a little about it here
I'm not sure how long the makeover will take, and it will probably happen in stages rather than all at once, but hopefully you'll be seeing some changes soon!
Let me know what you think!
And if you have any blogs that you absolutely adore let me know.
I love finding new blogs to oogle at!

Friday, 3 May 2013


Hmm, a blog post about blogging..
Why not!
It has been an absolute age since I last blogged, and even longer since I've really been into blogging.
I love the idea of keeping a regular blog, and really getting into some wonderful topics that I find interesting and that I think other people would find interesting too.
It's been so easy to conjure up little excuses to put blogging off, or to 'leave it until tomorrow'.
~  I've been moving house
I still don't have a proper camera to capture some wonderful photographs to decorate my blog with.
(still holding out for a Nikon D3100)
~  I haven't being going on any wonderful adventures to write about
~  and I certainly don't have a beautiful wardrobe of clothes to do beautiful outfit posts!
But then I take a proper look at the blogs that I love and the ones who really inspire me to get creative or try something new, and they're just people, and all different!
We are who we are. We're not a breed of bloggers who are all the same and do all the same things, that's not what blogging's about.
This is kind of like a diary, letting the world into your little life and hopefully sharing some wonderful things that might inspire someone else one day.
So wonderful people...
I'm going to really try and put some effort into my little blog.
This is me.
And this is the world of
Rebecca's Emporium

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