Monday, 8 December 2014

A Year Of Being A Mum

It has been ages!

I can't deny the little man has grown into an expert at absorbing all of time, but it's wonderful, so I'm not complaining! 


Can you believe fellow internet friends...
my son is one whole year old!

On the 24th November we celebrated our little boy's very first birthday 
and congratulated ourselves on being parents for a whole year.

It's quite something I think, when you think back over a whole year and realise what you've achieved and have it staring right back at you, burbling and trying to grab your nose.
It makes you step back a little bit and go "Woaw".

It really does seem quite surreal.
I remember posting to you all about a little bean growing in my tummy and now he's a person, a tiny little individual, living with us.

I know everyone says it, but "time really does fly". 
And god I wish I'd immortalised moments more. 
His little hands and feet are bigger, his cry is different, his hair is growing...


I'm hoping my next few posts will be a gradual look back over a year of discovering how to be a parent. A scrapbook celebrating all of our little adventures!
(I wanted to post as things were happening, but Finn's ability to take up every inch of spare time is staggering!)

Starting from the birth of my special little boy and taking you through the learning curves we went through and all of the wonderful little discoveries we made along the way.
It's been magical, emotional, soul destroying, and euphoric!
- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 
(hopefully some more free time - or at least a magical method of gaining more!)

Here's to more awesome!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Felt Jewellery

It's been a while since my last blog, but I haven't been sat on my butt watching daytime TV I promise!

...I've been re-launching Rebecca's Emporium!


I sound like a loon I know, but I've missed my felting SO much, and finally finding some time to stab away at some wool and create an adorable little face, or quirky colour combination, has been like finding 'me' again.

I'm starting small, so no Pheeples or sculptural pieces yet, but I've got some new ring designs and I'm bringing back a range of felt ball necklaces!
All very exciting!

Here's a sneaky peek:

Pumpkin Rings

Teddy Bear Rings

Felt Ball Earrings with Glass Beads

Bunny Brooches

I haven't taken any pretty photographs of my necklaces yet, but you'll have to take my word for it - they do exist!

I'm listing more pieces on my website now too, so pop over and take a peek.

Any website-making advice would be very much appreciated too.
I've re-written a lot of pieces and working on my tagging and things, so fingers crossed I know what I'm doing.

I've got my Etsy shop up and running again now too

I'm so excited to be back in the felting world!
I hope you like all my felty little guys, they're pretty excited to be out of their dusty box too.


Hope you're all well

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Planning A Baby Birthday Party

My little Sprog is 6 whole months.
I can't believe quite believe that he's half a year old. He's changed so much and the time has just wooshed by!
I know everyone says it, but getting that warning as to how quickly you little one will grow makes you really love all the little things.

I love his tiny, little baby feet
I love that he blows raspberries at me
and I secretly love that sometimes he cries at people he doesn't recognise but calms down when I hug him
(smug grin!)

So, in the spirit of cherishing every single iddy biddy moment, I'm going to give my little time sponge a wonderful birthday party... that he will never remember, but I will never forget!
And with half a year zooming by so quickly, it doesn't hurt to brainstorm a few ideas.

So, birthday party, what do we need?

I love the idea of Finn having his own little birthday seat too, all decorated up and perfect for birthday photos.

And the birthday outfit has to be perfect!

I think his little outfit would have to be something funky that would look great in the photos, but he'd be comfy in... and will probably spill a thousand and one things on too.
Plus it'll be wintery time, so nice and snug.

Little 'Thank You' bags for all of his little friends to take home

And the best bit...
The Cake!

This cake is just amazing! I am in total awe of people who make such adorable cakes.

If I can get one (or dare I say, make one!) my little rubber duck obsessed boy will have a rubber ducky cake!

Lots of goodies, and half a year to get it all sorted!
I can't wait!

If you'd like to see more of my 1st Birthday brainstorming, take a peak at my 


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Mini Blog Post Every Day For A Week - Review

Last week I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for a whole week in an effort to try and get myself back into my internet world!
It feels like it's been ages, but Finn has evolved into a little time sponge, so I need to figure out how much time I can get away with spending online with my work!

I managed to write every day up until the weekend, when things got a bit busy.
So I think my challenged worked, at least showing me when I can dedicate time to my work and when my little time sponge devours all of my free time!


Well, my enthusiasm for the summer has been a little dampened these last few days!
It just won't stop raining out there!

(Yep, that's an old baking tray being used as a bird bath...
When we moved into our new house, we put a lot of our old kitchen utensils to use in the garden. Take a look at my post about starting a herb garden)

But all of this rain won't stop me wearing my new summery pumps!

They suit the rain and the sun, just not the really big puddles!

I think I need to go shopping for new summer pumps! These ones aren't going to last five minutes the amount I'm wearing them.
And wouldn't it be nice to have a shoe rack full of different coloured pastel pumps? to convince Lewis that this is a great idea...



Friday, 23 May 2014


I've been a bit rubbish at planning my post for today I'm afraid.
It's been one of those grumbly, rainy days of gloom.

there is one fine way to make a person smile when your in a funk!

Google "cute" and your little grumpy face will start to smile!


Then super hero Lewis, skoots off to the shops and comes back with an indoor picnic for us to go crazy on whilst it's all grey and drizzly outside!
I'm so full!
And there was pudding too!!

And then, just to top things off,
and there is no way that you'll be in a grump!

I don't think that I have ever cooed over a marshmallow quite so much in all my life! 


Wishing you lots of smiles folks!
Happy Friday!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday's Inspiration - Pastels

I've been adoring pastels recently!
It could be because the lovely, summery weather is so intoxicating, but they are gorgeous!
(Hence my lovely new, pastel mint pumps!)

Staying round my parent's house today and doing a bit of rummaging, I've come across some fantastic, old pieces from my own childhood. 
The wonderful pastel colours that are inspiring me at the moment, present throughout these pieces.
I love how the traditional, soft colours of childhood are those same, uplifting colours of summer!

I even remember reading this book as a child at night, when it must have been summer, because I can remember my parents being out in the garden whilst I was supposed to be sleeping.

And I'm not sure why, but I remember "Who Killed Cock Robbin" as being my favourite!
A bit worrying, looking back, but I remember always reading it, and being quite chuffed with myself because it was one of the longest nursery rhymes in the book!

A beautiful combination of the joys of childhood and the joys of summer!
Perfect inspiration!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday Makes - Cross Stitch

My felting might have been put on hold
(mostly because I couldn't bear the thought of little Finn discovering a felting needle, they're as sharp as anything!)
But that won't stop me from making things!
I've had a great time making little toy boxes and crocheted hats and at the moment, I'm really enjoying exploring the world of cross stitch.

Cross stitch was one of the many crafts that my Gramma was amazing at! She used to have great big landscapes and old town scenes neatly framed up on her walls and there would always be her next project all set up and half completed in the conservatory.
They were the sort of pictures that were so detailed and perfect, that only when you got right up close to them could you see all of the little thread crosses.
She's my craft hero, I swear!

I remember my very first cross stitched piece that I got as a kit when I was quite young. 
I still have it, tucked away in a pocket in my sewing basket 

I've been getting into cross stitch recently as it seems to be a direction I can take the Pheeples, but I can easily lock it all away in a box with no fear of it all being ransacked when Finn gets mobile!

I started with some large Pheeple pieces which are still in my 'to-do' pile at the mo!

But these are my babies!

I love it!
It's like drawing in textiles.
There's so many more directions I can take my little guys and having a drawing come to life without the difficulties of 'how on earth am I going to make that?!' It's a lovely feeling now that I don't as much time as I did to ponder my little creations!

I've got a lot of plans for my cross stitch pieces! 
I can't wait to get more of them done...
...I just need more time!



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Being A Mum - 10 Things I Wouldn't Be Without

This Saturday the 24th May, I will be a mum to a 6 month old!
How on earth 6 months have zoomed by I'll never know,
but one thing's for sure, I don't know how I would have done it without these things!

1 ~ A dummy
I know that some mums are pro dummies and some are completely against them, but Finn found it such a comfort when he was little and trying to sleep, and now it helps him while he's going through teething his first tooth through (a dummy fresh from the fridge is a god send!).

2 ~ A Gro Egg
From the very first night we were paranoid about the temperature of our house without central heating and little Finn being warm enough. This was definitely an investment! And it came with lots of advice about how many blankets to use with ranging temperatures, and it makes a lovely little night light too!

3 ~ A light weight blanket
 On the same subject as keeping your little one at the right temperature during the night, a thin, non-woolly blanket has been a definite must-have! Knowing that he's not going to over heat with a think blanket is great peace of mind when you need all the sleep you can get!

4 ~ Fairy lights
It sounds silly, but he's totally amazed by them. He loved staring at them when he was tiny and now seems totally mesmerised by them! 

5 ~ Fun baby clothes
Again, something quite silly when you think about it. Surely all baby clothes are cute and fun. But when he's managed to mess up a clean baby grow and vest within 5 seconds of you struggling with flying arms and legs to get him into it, it's less of a 'job' when you're then putting him into a super cute Tigger onesie!

6 ~ Muslin cloths
I think all mums would be with me on this one. Muslin cloths are your hero! They save the day with anything - dribbles, vomit, messy eaters, teething aids, a cool cloth in the summer... the list goes on!

7 ~ A clothes rail
We don't have a tumble drier, and one human has never needed so many clothes washing each and every day! 

8 ~ My phone
As much as I hate being ruled by the technology world, if I didn't have my phone when I became a mum, I'd have been a little lost. Being able to hop onto the Internet whenever a doubt or question popped into my head was a massive reassurance that all was well! 
And of course being able to take photos of the super cute things he does without having to hunt out my camera is a plus.

9 ~ Rubber ducky
Probably just a Finn thing, but he loves his rubber duckies! In the bath or out, he's always after them, and most of the time chewing on them!

10 ~ Lewis
Most important, above all of these - Lewis!
Without him I would most definitely be a quivering wreck somewhere, doubting all my mothering instincts and scoffing chocolate like there was no tomorrow.
He has been amazing, totally beyond words, a super dad!


Monday, 19 May 2014

A Mini Post A Day For 7 Days!

Hello all!
It has been absolutely AGES!
...and obviously all the fault of this little man 

He melts my heart, but he also absorbs every single second of my time!

I'm determined to get back into my blogging though, so here's a little challenge for myself:

~ A mini blog post every day for a week

It's been a while, so there will probably be a load of waffle, but hey, you guys like waffle right?

Today's post:

Day 1

It's summer!!
Or at least it feels like it. 
Everything is growing like crazy and the birds are singing away until 9pm, the sun is gorgeous and I have already gotten a little sunburn!

And what better way to celebrate the beginning of lovely weather than with a brand new pair of shoes!

They're nothing extravagant, but something super summery that makes you oogle your feet every 5 minutes!
I think everyone should be with a pair of some summery pumps this year. Wouldn't it be great to walk around town among a rainbow of gorgeous pastels skipping along the streets.

And to really get the feeling of fresh summery-ness, it's time to replace the tea bags with fruit water!
I shared a post on my Facebook page ( not long ago about the advantages of drinking fruit water. It really inspired me to give it a go, and not let it pass me by as one of those things that I think it's a great idea but have then completely forgotten by the next day.

I started off with orange. 2 chopped up oranges in a flask of water, shaken. Then put the water in the fridge overnight and in the morning it makes a perfect tea replacement!
It's much better for you and really starts the day with that summery feeling!
I'm thinking of trying red fruits next. I bet strawberry water is delicious!

Happy summer time folks!
I think it's definitely here at last

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Toy Box DIY

 How to make fun little toy boxes out of used milk cartons:

Do you find that you've got far too many baby bits and bobs lying around the house without a home?
Here's a super simple way to keep things tidy but still an attractive decoration and easy to personalise!

Make sure you have thoroughly washed out your box and it's completely dry.

First cut the top off at your desired height. If you want a shallower box, simply cut further down from the top.

Then, using a basic acrylic paint of your choice, start painting your box! 
A couple of coats will be needed to cover the writing,
and if you want the box to be more hard wearing, a coat of gloss or PVA should give it a nice finish.

To cover those raggedy edges up and give the box a homely feel, I felt a cosy crochet cuff would work lovely, or even a fabric one would work too.

Crochet cuff:
  • Cast on and chain stitch to the circumference of your box
  • Then undo 3 or 4 stitches (This will make the cuff slightly tighter than the box opening so that it will hug the box close and not slip down
  • Slip stitch into the 1st chain to create a circle.
  • Then single crochet (or double crochet - depending on if you use US or UK patterns) 8 rounds
  • And cast off your stitching

You can make your cuff longer or shorter depending on how much of your box you would like to cover.

Once the paint on your box is dry, wrap your cuff around the rim of your box and fold half of it into your new toy box to give the edges a lovely finished touch.

Ta da!

A simple, cute and fun way to turn milk boxes into toy boxes!


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