Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Planning A Baby Birthday Party

My little Sprog is 6 whole months.
I can't believe quite believe that he's half a year old. He's changed so much and the time has just wooshed by!
I know everyone says it, but getting that warning as to how quickly you little one will grow makes you really love all the little things.

I love his tiny, little baby feet
I love that he blows raspberries at me
and I secretly love that sometimes he cries at people he doesn't recognise but calms down when I hug him
(smug grin!)

So, in the spirit of cherishing every single iddy biddy moment, I'm going to give my little time sponge a wonderful birthday party... that he will never remember, but I will never forget!
And with half a year zooming by so quickly, it doesn't hurt to brainstorm a few ideas.

So, birthday party, what do we need?

I love the idea of Finn having his own little birthday seat too, all decorated up and perfect for birthday photos.

And the birthday outfit has to be perfect!

I think his little outfit would have to be something funky that would look great in the photos, but he'd be comfy in... and will probably spill a thousand and one things on too.
Plus it'll be wintery time, so nice and snug.

Little 'Thank You' bags for all of his little friends to take home

And the best bit...
The Cake!

This cake is just amazing! I am in total awe of people who make such adorable cakes.

If I can get one (or dare I say, make one!) my little rubber duck obsessed boy will have a rubber ducky cake!

Lots of goodies, and half a year to get it all sorted!
I can't wait!

If you'd like to see more of my 1st Birthday brainstorming, take a peak at my 


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