Friday, 24 June 2011

Witty Hearts

On my adventures this time, I came across something ever so lovely and ever so quirky. I just had to find out more!

Hello Witty Hearts, please tell me more about yourself?

Hello my name is Mitty and I am the creator of Witty Hearts.

I specialise in fair trade textiles that I hand paint in quirky heart themed designs. It all started with a sleepy doodle and developed into combining my sketches into designs for t-shirts and expanded from that. It took me awhile to refine my technique but I really enjoyed the process as I hadn't done anything like this before.

I think sometimes people are surprised that I'm not from a design background but I think it’s always been in me and Witty Hearts is the form my creative expression takes.

 That sounds wonderful! What inspires you to create your work?

 I get inspiration from all over the place I generally say that its love, life and music. I'm an eternal optimist with quite a dry humour and I think this comes through in my work.

Tell me about a bit about your creative process

 I carry my sketch book pretty much everywhere I go just in case I think of something that might come in use later down the line. I first sketch my designs and then make stencils which I attach to the piece I'm painting. I choose hand paint rather then screen print as it allows me more flexibility with the colours and ensures that no two t-shirts or bags or baby grows are ever the same!
I love how your work really seems to reflect your personality, what do you do when you're not creating your beautiful pieces?

. When I'm not creating I work for the incredible National Museums Liverpool. It’s a great place to work because there’s always lots of interesting things happening. We're soon to open the new Museum of Liverpool so it’s a really exciting and busy time!

That sounds lovely! :)
Now for a random question..
I think the way to find out what's really behind an artist is to take away any worry of time or money. So if you didn't have to worry about either, what would you create?
 I'm hoping to branch into a few different things with Witty Hearts so I'll keep a few of them a surprise, but if money and time was no object I would have to say I'd love to try making ceramics and also resin jewellery! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the future!
Thank you so much for giving us an insight into your arty world. It sounds like there is much more to come! Please visit Witty Hearts and discover these unique works for yourself!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sculptural Jewellery

Since I started making my felt ball bangles, I've wanted to take the idea of clustering felt balls even further into sculptural jewellery. I love the idea of bubbles surrounding and moving with the body, and using felt balls to express this, I've come up with a necklace that really flows with the body.

I love the soft colours of this one, and because I've used metal links to attach each felt ball to the necklace, the structure naturally works with the body's shape.

I've also made another sculptural ring using grey and pale yellow dyed merino wool.

Friday, 10 June 2011


I have been away for a week, but I am back!
and here to show off some of my newest Emporium guests.

He just missed all of the Easter hubbub bless him, I think he was too busy investigating the carrot patch and missed the Easter party, but he's here now!
Better late than never, here's Oscar the Wabbit

And my newest addition to my shop is something quite different.
I've been experimenting with abstract forms and working with the body, and this is one of my new rings.

This ring is made entirely of felt, so it changes with your body too.
I have another one which I'm bringing into my Emporium tonight if you would like to take a peak.

I love the way that natural fibres can work with the body rather than against it to decorate and create some really beautiful shapes. I feel some more explorations may be had in the future,
So keep an eye open! 

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