Friday, 28 December 2012

Coming Soooooon!

Hello to all!
Things have been very quiet in my Emporium lately, and I am very sorry that I haven't been able to natter on about the 'hows' and 'whys'
there is a new year creeping its way ever closer and with it will be super exciting new
Pheeple designs!
Whilst the Pheeples were away on their little holiday to who knows where,
(but wherever they went, they came back with bags of cake and jammy dodgers, so I'm not really complaining!)
they seemed to have devised a whole new plan for world domination!
They've told me what to do and threatened me with the no jammy dodgers at all if I don't help them.
 ...they know my weakness!
So to all who have missed the little Pheeples and their adventures, I would like to announce that they will return in January!
New Year
New Pheeples!
Sneaky peek...
Each Pheeple art piece design will be limited addition pieces, made a certain number of times and labelled as such.
They will come with their very own story written either by myself or by Lewis Docherty
(he's written some amazing little stories for my work before and has agreed to work with me to create some adorable, little Pheeple stories).
There will also be some limited edition Pheeple jewellery pieces to go with each story.
They will be sold separately from the wall art pieces, but will still be numbered and will include a copy of the Pheeple story for that particular design.
I'm SO excited about this new little adventure and the Pheeples are just purely ecstatic!
They haven't stopped nattering about it since they've been back!
So.... to the felt room!
The new Pheeple designs will be sneaking into my Etsy Emporium in January, so keep popping by to see what adventures the Pheeples will be on!
And keep an eye on the facebook page too!
I will post all the new creations there and some sneaky behind the scenes pics as well.
Thank you all SO much for being so patient with this new Pheeple movement, it's been quite an adventure itself!
Massive felty hugs to all!

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