Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wild Lime

I've never done a review before... not really, but a couple of days ago, me and my sister decided to meet up for dinner, and a new bar/restaurant had opened in our local town, Reading, so we thought we'd pop along to try it out!
I thought I'd share our little experience with you!
We weren't after much,
just a small, healthy-ish dinner in a relaxing place, and if I'm honest, this place ticked all the boxes!
It was their opening night, so naturally they'd be friendly, but the lovely lady that welcomed us in seemed genuinely kind and lovely, and interested in us having a good time.
(You know, sometimes people can put on 'that' smile and talk 'that' talk? There didn't seem to be any of that there. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to help)
The menu looked delicious!
I would advise a little gander if you're planning going out for something to eat.
The burgers looked great. The platters, the pizzas, even the side dishes got me a little excited - Mini Macaroni Cheese - Oh yes!
And to any pregnant ladies out there, you know how tricky it is eating out and about. Everything seems to have something in it that you can't have!
But this menu surprised me with how many options I had.
I could actually choose from most of the dishes there!
*happy face*
We both decided on an interestingly named
 'Upside-Down Chicken Barbie'
Lime chicken with a lovely selection of salady bits and dressing, and best of all...
it came in a jug!
The waitress asked if we'd like our salad dressing put on
(of course!)
and she poured it into the jug with the salad and then turned it upside-down onto the plate!
Just like tipping a sandcastle out of a bucket.
I know, the simple things amuse me, but this was awesome!
We ordered a side of Rosemary and Parmesan chips and a Ginger Beer for my sister and a Chocolate Milkshake for myself (which came with a sneaky, teeny Daim bar treat!)

Everything was delicious, and reasonably priced, the staff were lovely and the décor had a really refreshing feeling about it.
I'm definitely popping back there the next time I'm in Reading with the munchies.
Their Brunch menu has captured me a little... so many things that I want to try! They have toast that comes with peanut butter and jam - this is definitely MY kind of place.
And I just know that Lewis will want to try the burgers.
And we didn't even get to try the puddings!!

In my opinion, I'd definitely recommend this place for a fun, relaxing and refreshing place to get something to eat.
Have you been to a Wild Lime bar?
I'd love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

24 Weeks With Bump!

I can't believe it's been so long!
24 weeks old today and little bump is getting bigger!
(Please excuse the workplace background!)
I don't know if this is the same for most pregnant ladies, but I feel like I've been pregnant forever. It's weird to think of myself without having someone else to constantly think and worry about, growing away inside my tummy!
The little wriggler has started properly poking away at my insides now too, which is a lovely feeling.
It kind of makes me feel like I haven't been making it up the whole time!
And the due date is creeping up now
19th November
I've started to see a few leaves on trees go golden already, and I even saw a ripe blackberry on my way to work today...
The inevitability of Autumn has never felt so scary!!
But with the terrifying thought that November is really only months away, comes a rather fun bit...
buying baby stuff!
Planning a little room, and little clothes, and little toys is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be!
Play time!
Cow print baby is a must have!

Mooching around some lovely websites, I've got a good idea of the kind of environment I would like to make for my little baby.
Bunting is a lovely idea. It brings colour into the room and if you get a gentle breeze through an open window, the gentle rustle and sway can add something exciting for baby to watch.
We bought this adorable mosses basket from Mothercare and it's just perfect. Bright colours, but not too vibrant. A sturdy basket, removable covers to wash and a great size. We love it!
I love paper pom poms! I think they're so much fun, but are light and easy to hang without adding weight. And they can come in any colour you like. So if you have a colour theme, want something very neutral or really want to go bright, I think they're just perfect!
Admittedly, not for teeny tiny babies, but when they get bigger and grab and play, these are such a great idea!
I saw this DIY tutorial for making your own drums over on
Such an inspiring page!
I'm definitely going to be having a go at making these for my little one,
and aren't they just gorgeous even as room decorations while baby is growing! 
Just a few ideas, but there's so much more!
I'll keep you posted with how our little baby space is coming along.
We've got another delivery of baby stuff coming today - it really is a bit like Xmas!
I hope you're all having a lovely week folks!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Importance Of Me Time

Sometimes, when the world gets a little bit dizzy and so much is happening, it's important to spend a little time by yourself, just to watch the world go by.

We each have our own way, but for me, an early morning whilst the world is still asleep, a cup of tea in that mug that always makes tea taste awesome, a friend who won't talk, or question, but will be there with you, and time to appreciate the world and the little things, is exactly what I need.

'my' mug

a beautiful sunrise and a cool breeze 

life and all its wonderful complexity 

and who could be without Hamish!

It's so easy to get lost in this busy old world, but I can't recommend enough how good it feels, and how important it is just to spend that little bit of time with yourself.

Treat yourself to some 'me time' 
You'll love it! 


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Goodbye To A Friend

Yesterday I lost my dear friend,
I don't like spreading sad news through my blog, but I feel like I need to mark her passing somehow.
And here is a personal place where I feel I can do this.
I know a lot of you out there are animal lovers, and know their unique characters and qualities, and know what it is to love someone so much, even though they're can't tell you that they love you back.
She was lovely. She played with me, she cuddled me, she got angry with me on her off days, she ran off with any unguarded piece of felt she could get her paws on and she was always there.
My heart broke a little yesterday.
She was my friend.
My little felting friend.
miss you


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Launching Uniquely UK

It's time!
We have officially launched our very own website for

Uniquely UK


I've written about the beginnings of our little adventure and now we are pleased to introduce you all
to our brand new website!
Visit out new website at
With our Folksy shop being a success, we felt that it was high time to put our plans for creating our own website into action.
We've been working away at this little gem for a couple of weeks and we're finally done!
A combined venture with similar minded makers,
we've all come together to sell through our very own website
where we are proud to share our uniquely handmade work.
Here you have a chance to find out about the individual makers, browse our range of products and even custom design your own wedding!

There are more products being added every day, so keep popping back to see what we're up to.
And don't forget to check out our




Exciting times!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hand-Me-Downs And Ice Cream

Something I've discovered more so through being pregnant than before, is a great appreciation of gifts and hand-me-downs!
I actually sat down and started to write a list of everything we'll need for our tiny, extra family member. I've only covered feeding and cleaning so far and already the list is huge!
And there's so many brands to choose from!
I've never done this before, and it's all getting a bit overwhelming
"which is the right one?"
But at least I'm being saved some of the big decision - thankfully!
My wonderful parents have saved so much from when me and my sister were babies and they have offered them for myself and Lewis to use for our little bump!
I am SO thankful!
We have a cot all sorted, needs a bit of a clean and possibly a re-paint, but this cot was my dad's when he was a baby and has travelled around all of the family babies, so it's definitely a hardy piece of workmanship!
We've also got a lovely pram that they had saved.
Isn't it adorable!
We might have to get a new buggy as well, but it's good to know that we have this if we can't afford the buggy straight away.
So many things to buy, and we're running out of months and pay cheques.
It's all whizzing along so quickly!
Before we know it, it'll be November and little bump will be on the way!
Before I get too carried away by the madness, it is still summer!
It's lovely and warm out there,
but I'm getting rather big now and nothing summery fits me any more.
(More shopping to be done!)
Without being too much of a grump though, there is one brilliant thing about this
summery weather....

Ice Cream!!

The ice cream van visits us at work now, and I've never been so overjoyed to hear that twinkly tune of childhood fun!
And best of all, this ice cream van sells my all time favourite ice cream/lolly
I love Zzapps!
Lewis went for the classic 99 flake

I think it's fair to say he rather enjoyed it too!
Mmm, the best thing about summer I'd have to say!
And everyone has their little favourite, be it an old classic or one of those rather
glamorous new ones you can get,
What's yours?
Enjoy the sunshine folks!


Friday, 5 July 2013

An Omelette Fit For A King!

Now, those who know me, know that I can barely boil an egg, let alone cook an omelette!
So I won't try and lie and pretend this is me, but having an ex-chef hubby-to-be comes in super handy sometimes!
For anyone who can visually tell the difference between a slice of butter and a slice of cheese 
- apparently, I can not - 
this is for you!
The first step to omelette awesomeness is preparation:
(For 2 people)

Here we have:
~ 5 eggs (we're a greedy pair!) mixed with finely cubed, salted butter, some milk, black pepper (adjust to your preference) and a small amount of cream cheese
~ 2 portions of hard cheese, cute into small cubes for easy melting
~ 2 small portions of ham cut into thin (but not too thin!) slices
~ A mixture of healthy spinach, plum tomatoes (room temperature apparently)
Then on to the cooking!
~ First heat the pan. You don't want it scorching hot, but a little more than just warm.
(Lewis tested this by slapping his hand against the pan. I'm not sure what this does, and I personally wouldn't advise it!)
~ Pour the egg mixture into the pan and jiggle the pan around to make the mixture settle nicely.
Give it a gentle stir with you spatula too, this helps to melt the butter into the mix.
~ Add 1 of the portions of cheese while the mixture is still quite runny so that it melts into the mixture.
~ As the egg starts to cook and the base starts to set, make some holes through the cooked base with your spatula and jiggle the pan around. This will let the uncooked egg on the top through to cook.
Then we come the good bit...
~ Add the rest of the ingredients onto the top of your omelette (try to get an even spreading if you can).

~ Cook the omelette for a while longer to cook the egg through and brown the bottom.
Now at this point you might want to call it a day with your lovely omelette, but as I reminded Lewis that we are growing a small child, I need my eggs to be cooked all the way through.
Much to his dismay, he popped the omelette under the grill for a minute or 2 to 'obliterate' the eggs into a thoroughly cooked state.
To continue...
~ Using your spatula, fold your omelette in half like so:
and cook for another minute.
And unless you're being REALLY greedy,
~ Cut the omelette in half

And that's all!
Just serve with a few slices of buttered toast


It really was a delicious dinner fit for omelette loving kings!
I know that most of you know how to cook an omelette of wonderfulness like this, but to anyone who isn't sure, I hope that this helps.
I would like to point out that I took no part in the making of this lovely piece of omelette awesomeness, and the credit goes solely to Mr Lewis for saving me from my inability to cook anything!
But seeing as how we will be having a small human sharing our lives with us soon, I think I'd better learn how to cook edible food sharpish!
Hopefully in the near future I will be sharing my cooking attempts with you all, Lewis has bought me a cooking book called "How To Boil An Egg" which sounds like it'd suit me to the ground!
I'll try recreating this dish soon to test my skills and then on to the cook book!
Wish me luck folks!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pregnant In Dungarees

Whenever I dreamed of myself being a pregnant lady, I always imagined myself with my hair up in bunches, wearing a pair of blue, denim dungarees, pottering around being all happy and eating continuous bowls of cereal.
- not the most glamorous of dreams, but to me, perfection!
So, on my little to-do list of things to do/get whilst I'm pregnant, along with get an exercise ball and find my local swimming pool, is to buy a pair of dungarees!
And I've come so close!

A dungaree dress still counts right?
I am still on the hunt for a pair of trouser dungarees though. Any advice on where to go?
Etsy have a few good finds
£24.37 from Vaux Vintage
£32.49 from Groovy Girl Garb
£40.61 from Memory Vintage
I LOVE these!
But I think I'd rather be able to try them on before I buy, I'm not exactly sure what size I'll need with my ever growing bump!
...The hunt continues!
But the dungaree dress has come in handy now that the weather is/was getting warmer, and bump fits in snugly

Yep, that's scan number 2!
A little demonic looking... but still awesome to see what's wriggling around in there!
It really is starting to feel real now.
We're 20 weeks in as of yesterday and starting to feel some movement now.
We decided not to find out the sex in the end.
I love not knowing who's in there. It might sound weird, but not really knowing anything about the little human I'm growing makes everything all the more exciting!
I have no plans for it based on it's gender and all of my little wonders and hopes are completely neutral, and that, to me is so important.
I can't wait to meet my little bump!

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