Friday, 28 December 2012

Coming Soooooon!

Hello to all!
Things have been very quiet in my Emporium lately, and I am very sorry that I haven't been able to natter on about the 'hows' and 'whys'
there is a new year creeping its way ever closer and with it will be super exciting new
Pheeple designs!
Whilst the Pheeples were away on their little holiday to who knows where,
(but wherever they went, they came back with bags of cake and jammy dodgers, so I'm not really complaining!)
they seemed to have devised a whole new plan for world domination!
They've told me what to do and threatened me with the no jammy dodgers at all if I don't help them.
 ...they know my weakness!
So to all who have missed the little Pheeples and their adventures, I would like to announce that they will return in January!
New Year
New Pheeples!
Sneaky peek...
Each Pheeple art piece design will be limited addition pieces, made a certain number of times and labelled as such.
They will come with their very own story written either by myself or by Lewis Docherty
(he's written some amazing little stories for my work before and has agreed to work with me to create some adorable, little Pheeple stories).
There will also be some limited edition Pheeple jewellery pieces to go with each story.
They will be sold separately from the wall art pieces, but will still be numbered and will include a copy of the Pheeple story for that particular design.
I'm SO excited about this new little adventure and the Pheeples are just purely ecstatic!
They haven't stopped nattering about it since they've been back!
So.... to the felt room!
The new Pheeple designs will be sneaking into my Etsy Emporium in January, so keep popping by to see what adventures the Pheeples will be on!
And keep an eye on the facebook page too!
I will post all the new creations there and some sneaky behind the scenes pics as well.
Thank you all SO much for being so patient with this new Pheeple movement, it's been quite an adventure itself!
Massive felty hugs to all!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Giant Pheeples

I would like to introduce you all to someone quite special...
Minty The Giant Pheeple

The Pheeples are notorious for being inquisitive, but this takes the biscuit!

Some of them were feeling particularly nosey and wandered into old Professor Bucket's laboratory..
They poked telescopes and sniffed petri dishes..

Then one of them found the Top Secret "Calculated Unstabilising Trans-matter Expander Ray" (Or 'Cuter' for short).
One of the cleverer Pheeples deduced that this was a posh way of saying 'Laser gun that makes small things big'.

They all drew straws for who would go first - They literally drew pictures of straws, the most detailed and cool looking the straw, the less chance of going first.

Poor ol' Minty didn't have much of an artistic talent and had to go first.
He shuffled forward, nervous and intrigued - then suddenly, just as he turned to glance at the group one last time... *KABLLLOOWWW!! ZAPPP!! and ZOOOOP!!*

After the smoke had cleared, Minty was revealed to be twice as big as the tallest Pheeple!
He let out a (ever so slightly deeper sounding) chuckle, and then everyone wanted to have a go.....

(I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Lewis for writing up the Pheeple's adventures for me!
You are amazing!)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Yet again, time has sped away from me, and I have no idea where it's gone, how it managed to sneak past me or what I've even accomplished during this mini whirlwind!
Unfortunately my poor little blog has been put aside as the Pheeples become more and more insistent that their army needs to grow.
I love felting to bits, but it does take up a lot of my world.
So when I read this blog post this morning by kelly anne, I felt time suddenly slow down a bit,
and it felt amazing!
I went for a walk, just a little one to the shops and back, popped into the post office, watched people passing me on the pavement, and then I popped into the little charity shop.
There's something about a charity shop.
Because I never go in there with an aim of buying anything in particular, time slows down even more, and I end up just dawdling around the shelves, making sure I get a look at everything.
And there's so many wonderful things to see!
There was a lovely basket of balls of wool that I had to force myself not to rummage through
"for myself" I had to tell myself.
This was going to be about me, and nothing to do with my work - even though we are pretty much the same, there is a bit of me that isn't felt  ;)
There was a box of old records, some lovely little ornaments I was nearly tempted by. There was a stunning, tiny little wooden horse and a little ceramic lama.
I had a go at an old looking music box, but it didn't work sadly.
And then I found the book shelf.
I never get time to read any more.
I can't felt and read at the same time.
I can felt and watch films at the same time though, so I fill my head with stories from my Poirot DVD collection and anime.
Today however, I decided to treat myself to a little book.
maybe not a story, but something I can dip into every now and again when the Pheeples give me a lunch break.
...Ok, so maybe I treated myself to 2 books!
This one I couldn't resist!
As soon as I started scanning the page, I knew it'd make me giggle.
and this one just sparked my curiosity.
It's a whole book of Q&As
for example:
"Q. Does cold iron contain heat?
A. Yes: every thing contains heat; but, when a thing feels cold, its heat is latent."
(pg 99)
Learn something new every day? - I intend to!
and it has that luuurvely old book smell!
I feel quite ready to hop back into my world now
But I do advise it, try and slow down time if you can, even if it's only for a little while.
now back to the Pheeples, I can hear them moaning about something or other.
They've probably run out of cake!

Monday, 13 August 2012

And The Winner Is....

What a response to my giveaway over these last 2 weeks!
You guys are so awesome!

And so many lovely designs!
I wish I could turn them all into little felted Pheeple!

I had a little help from one of the Pheeples for the name draw,
and mum was nominated to close her eyes and pick a name from the box!
Thanks mum!


Pheeple judicator checking my spelling

The Pheeple judicator then checking that all of the names are in the box

*Put lid on box, shake, and then pass to Mum to pick out a name*

And the winner is...

Kirsten Brown!


Congratulations Kirsten!

If you could please email me at with your address I will make up your Monster Pheeple design and send it to you soon with a set of new Pheeple stickers!


Thank you SO much to everyone that participated in this month's giveaway!
If you would like me to make up your design into a needle felted Pheeple
you can order your design here:
and if you can't see the specifications that you'd like, just message me with your design ideas
and we can work together to create your very own, unique Pheeple!


I can't wait to hear from you

Thank you all again for your Pheeple love!


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


There's something in the air at the moment I think.
Something really creative and motivating.
It's probably related to the Olympics somehow,
but I love it!

I've found myself reading more blogs recently and listening to music I'd never heard of before.
I saw this on one blog and fell in love

Me and Lewis went for a walk last night with Hamish
and I felt even more inspired!

Do you ever find that you get so wrapped up in your little world and all of the little things in your world that are important,
that just sometimes
you really forget how lucky you are?

I've completely forgotten that I live in such a beautiful place!

*promise to self - take photos more and love my little world!*

So, is anyone else enjoying the Olympics?
I can't believe how in to it I am,
I really didn't see this coming, but now I'm itching to get myself down to London!


C'mon GB!


Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win your own, unique Pheeple!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


It's GIVEAWAY time!!

As a massive thank you to you all for your love and support of my work and The Pheeples,
and not to mention your lovely help with getting my website up and running (

I've decided a GIVEAWAY is in order!


One lucky winner will win their very own Design Your Own Pheeple!

You will be able to choose your own colour, whether it is a sitting or standing Pheeple and it's very own feature.
Just check out the link to get an idea of which one you'd like!

Not only will you win your very own Pheeple though,
you will also become the very first person EVER to own a set of 6 new Pheeple Stickers!!
They're not even in my shop yet!
(but will be after this giveaway)
1. For one entry, click the link under the Design Your Own Pheeple photo and tell me what Pheeple combination you would choose and comment on this blog post.

2. For two entries, tweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway and post a comment on my blog with the link.

The giveaway deadline is midday on Sunday (GM time) on 12/08/2012 and I will put all of your names into a hat and pick a winner at random!

Looking forward to your comments!

Good luck everyone!

Monday, 9 July 2012


Hello Monday!
Where on earth did you come from?

It hasn't been a terrible day...
... if I ignore the train issues this morning.
I really do need to grow my driving confidence to do the Guildford to Reading commute!
Eap, I can't help it, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat!

But all came right when I (finally) got to work!


Biccy the Iced Gem Wookie from the amazing


Eeeey, I love him!
AND he came with a packet of iced gems! mmmmm
Now I am happy


In Pheeple news...
have you seen the newest Pheeple?

They were all having a lovely time last week, playing nicely with each other (for a change!)
and then one sneaky one found the dressing up box!
You should have seen some of the costumes!
One Pheeple found a massive wig that covered his eyes, so of course he didn't see the pair of Pheeples that decided to dress up as a horse whilst he was running over to show me!
There were horse bits and tufts of wig everywhere!

And this little lady found these cat ears, tail and a little pink nose.
She liked them so much that I haven't been able to get her to give them back yet.

She does look quite cute though!

She's now up for adoption in my Etsy shop here:
But she does insist that she is allowed to take her new costume with her!

Now I have to go and make them ALL cups of tea apparently!
I think I'll treat myself to one too though.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend
and are having a great day today!


Thursday, 28 June 2012



I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment!
I'm really sorry folks, I just feel so darn sleepy all of the time at the mo,
and coffee just seems to make me worse!

I am sorry I haven't been about
I have been busy!

I took the Pheeple's to their very first craft fair last weekend (23rd June)
and it was so much fun!
There were so many lovely stalls and the whole atmosphere was lovely!

The craft fair was run by vintagepixie, and it was just a perfect gathering of crafty/vintagey people!
I met some fantastic crafters and other stall holders.
natalialovatjewellery was the stall next to mine, and within the first hour or so I'd fallen in love with one of her beautiful pieces of jewellery!

*puts on my birthday list*

I've got all of the other photos on my facebook page here if you would like to take a look:

Ooof, I am feel oober sleepy!
I think I might end up falling asleep on the train again tonight
Keep an eye out for me in Redhill if sleep through my stop!



I hope you're all well!
I will be on here more, bugging you with randomness when I'm more awake!


Friday, 8 June 2012

This Week...

Ahhh Friday,
thank goodness!
To be honest, this week has been hard work.
Somehow, coming back to work on the Wednesday for 3 days of work before the weekend is harder than doing a normal week!
Hmm, not sure how that works, but hay!

So, what has everyone been up to this week?
I have found that going for a walk through massively tall grass in the rain can be quite refreshing!
Just so long as you roll your jeans up!
There's nothing worse than soggy jeans!

I've had an utterly gorgeous Lewis cook me an utterly gorgeous dinner!

Yes folks, that's STEAK!!

Thank you Lewis, you made my day!


I received something very special in the post this morning

Isn't it beautiful!


Take a little visit over to AlteredEras to see all of her wonderful jewellery pieces!
There's a stunning pair of earrings I've got my eye on, so you can browse and buy all of the loveliness... except them!


And last but not least this week,
I've been introduced to 2 amazing nuggets of animation!
I am in love with both of them,
they just make me smile so much!
And what could you want from a couple of minutes out of your day? A smile and a giggle is definitely worth a watch.
Thecuriousmissclay introduced me to
Simon's Cat

This is how my morning started yesterday!

...thanks Cat!

And I was also enlightened into the world of the Miniscule Series:


I can't tell you how happy this makes me!
and there's so much inspiration bubbling from these little animations.
I really do feel quite re-charged with ideas!

Who knows what the Pheeples will get up to now!

So that's my little week.
How was yours?

And next week's going to be even better...

I'm going to Cornwall!!


lol, I may be a tad over excited.

I hope you all have a lovely week next week,
 I'll try and bring you back a pasty or some ice cream!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Little Bit About Pheeples

The Pheeples have been around for a little while now,
but who really knows what or who they are?

Well, they've asked me very nicely to let you all know.
In fact, they somehow have it all written down! I'm not sure how, unless the Pheeples of old had hands and could write. Or maybe they trapped a poor, unsuspecting human and forced them to type it out.
(I'd like to vote for the latter personally. They are a VERY mischievous bunch!)


Anyhoo, they've told me that I can have cake if I post this,
so enjoy the 1st entry of...

The Pheeples 

Part #1

Did you ever lose a thought or a memory?
Even just the smallest thought of what you had for breakfast last Tuesday? It’ll be lost and forgotten, amongst many memories just the same. Lost in the forgotten places where there’s no control over any of them.
So they build themselves together, using the forgotten fluff and dust, found only in the forgotten places.
Half fluff and the other half, the wonderful essence of “People”, the Pheeple have decided that they don’t want to be forgotten any more. They want to explore the world that’s forgotten them, and remember as much of it as possible.

Of course, not all forgotten thoughts are mundane and quiet.  Some thoughts, before they were forgotten, were so intense that they even made you laugh out loud, and jump on the spot with excitement. And some are so terrible, that as soon as they are conjured into your mind, you immediately cast them aside, down the back of the sofa with the rest of the dust.

You might need to keep your eye on the Pheeples that are born there…

Stick around for more info on these little guys!
I've had a sneaky peek at how the Pheeple Fairies came to be, but apparently I'm not allowed to tell you about them until next time!

... maybe there'll be more cake!



Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Something very special happened at the weekend!

Cat was released into the wild!!


Bless her little cotton white feet, she's been oogling the outside world for so long now. She's even ran at the window and didn't quite manage to stop on more than one occasion when she saw a little birdy outside.

So, on Saturday 26th June 2012
the back door was opened
and left open!

*dun dun dun*

Apparently it took her about 2 and a half hours to pluck up the courage to venture out, but once she did...

... I don't think the world was quite ready for Cat!

and of course, when the mean little dog next door starts to bark like crazy, the empty paint bucket is the safest place to be!



Bless her.
And for the whole of Sunday she slept... and slept... and slept

A very exhausting day for Cat,
but she is a free cat now.

I'm so proud of her!

Even if she hasn't quite figured out what those massive pigeons are yet.
They're about the same size as her!
I don't blame her for being cautious, I had images of her trying to jump on one and then it flying off with her on its back!

But that hasn't happened yet!


In other news...

I'm taking the Pheeples to their very first craft fair!

They're very excited!
It's a vintage/craft fair in Shalford on 23rd June!
It would be lovely to see some Pheeple fans there!



Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Fairs!

Arr, it's definitely that time of year isn't it?
There's Summer Fairs, garden parties and all sorts happening!
And the sun's come back to us now, so it's even more fun!


Me and Lewis went to a lovely Summer Show in Merrist Wood
It was full of so many things to do, and animals to see, and plenty of craft tents
Just my kinda place!

And guess who else had a stall there?

Joseph Lloyds

Mmmm, the food looked amazing!

And it was all free samples!!

Don't forget to check out their facebook page too, to keep up to date with new goings on!

Mmm, so after filling up on lots of yumminess, guess what Lewis then wanted to go and do?


... lol,


It was an awesome day though!
What Summer Fairs are you going to this year?


Oooo, p.s. Unfortunately I didn't get sent any photos of mice going to work on Tuesday, so I couldn't post a Bring Your Mouse To Work Day Tuesday. Fingers crossed more meeces will be up for adventures next week!



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