Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Well, an adventurous week it's been indeed!

Firstly, guess who came bounding through the door with the rest of my post this week?

She's here! Pegasus from Dana's Wonder Forest
She's so beautiful, I just had to share her with you all.
I think she'll have to stay with me on my work desk, because she's just so darn lovely!

hehe, and so cute!!

I also took a little trip to London (before all of these awful riots!).
First stop had to be Camden Market!
How I love that place. It just pulses with energy and you know that everyone there isn't afraid to be themselves.
I think I got a bit snappy happy! Here's a few,

Hmmm *sigh* I do love how you can get so lost so quickly too. One turn and I'd be done for if I didn't have my sister with me!
Does anyone else find that?
Or is it just my rubbish sense of direction? :)
I love being swallowed up by the excitement and not being quite sure when you're going to be set free again!

And would you believe, we're nearly half way through August!
I've actually started preparing for Halloween (this is very unlike me!)
Take a look at these little guys!

I shall have to see where this little adventure might take me!
I might end up with a whole pumpkin family or a witch attempting to put them in her cauldron!

Hope you're all well, especially all of those affected by the riots


  1. Pegasus is sooooo cute!
    Your trip to london sounds like fun and i LOVE your little pumpkin friends :o)
    jooles x

  2. Those pumpkins are so freaking adorable! I've started preparing for fall too, super excited about it :)

  3. aww these are adorable pumpkins love the horsie

  4. Cute pumpkins! Looks like you had a great trip :)

  5. Pegasus is so cute :)
    I love Camden too, unfortunately I can not go there as much as I'd wish.
    I like your pumpkins so much, I can't wait to see your witch, eheh!

  6. Pegagus is gorgeous! And you little pumpkins are soooo cute! I have no sense of direction either - DH reckons I could get lost in our back garden :)


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