Monday, 8 December 2014

A Year Of Being A Mum

It has been ages!

I can't deny the little man has grown into an expert at absorbing all of time, but it's wonderful, so I'm not complaining! 


Can you believe fellow internet friends...
my son is one whole year old!

On the 24th November we celebrated our little boy's very first birthday 
and congratulated ourselves on being parents for a whole year.

It's quite something I think, when you think back over a whole year and realise what you've achieved and have it staring right back at you, burbling and trying to grab your nose.
It makes you step back a little bit and go "Woaw".

It really does seem quite surreal.
I remember posting to you all about a little bean growing in my tummy and now he's a person, a tiny little individual, living with us.

I know everyone says it, but "time really does fly". 
And god I wish I'd immortalised moments more. 
His little hands and feet are bigger, his cry is different, his hair is growing...


I'm hoping my next few posts will be a gradual look back over a year of discovering how to be a parent. A scrapbook celebrating all of our little adventures!
(I wanted to post as things were happening, but Finn's ability to take up every inch of spare time is staggering!)

Starting from the birth of my special little boy and taking you through the learning curves we went through and all of the wonderful little discoveries we made along the way.
It's been magical, emotional, soul destroying, and euphoric!
- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 
(hopefully some more free time - or at least a magical method of gaining more!)

Here's to more awesome!


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