Friday, 30 September 2011


Our website is live!!

It's so exciting!
I'll have photos to show you soon of our work on display and for sale at

But in the mean time, check out our Carnaby Shelf website:

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Carnaby Shelf... take 2

Just a sneaky little peak at some of the goodies that I'm sending to Things British...

They're all packed up and ready to go.
There's so much bubble wrap in there I'm sure they'll have fun on the way.

It's take quite an oomf of will power to pack this little guy up.

But I've told him that he's going to have quite an adventure, and to not forget to write me a postcard!

Eeeek, I have butterflies!

Don't forget to pop along and see us at


Monday, 26 September 2011

Carnaby Shelf

It's all happening!

There are so many things happening at the moment, I'm quite surprised my head is still sat quite happily on my shoulders!

It's all a mish mash of moving house, preparing a selection of work for sale at Things British through a collaboration of artists called Carnaby Shelf, and sorting out an article for the company I buy my fibres from.


But in the midst of all of this, I thought I would share with you a sneaky peak of what we're going to be selling in London.


It's all very exciting and we can't wait to get our work into Things British and start a whole new adventure in London!

Come along and have a look!
We'll be selling from the 1st October - 24th December 2011

And on top of everything else... Christmas is on it's way!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

He's Here!

Yep, he's taken a while to get himself together,
but I can finally introduce you to...

Mr. Octo Pús

Scared of squirmy, slimy, sea loving monsters of the big blue deep?
Well don't be! This is one Octopus that has enough love for everyone (He has 3 hearts after all!).

Mr. Octo Pús - Known as 'Oc' to his friends - has decided to try and pursue a life on dry land.
All of his family have lived, worked and had families in the sea - and he's determined to try and break the cycle!

The trouble is, when he washed up on dry land all he brought with him are his "Can Do" Attitude and his lucky hat!

All he needs is for someone to put him up for a little while.. 'til he finds his feet.
He can't pay any rent, but he can do the hoovering, the dishes, the dusting, the ironing and get Dinner ready!
In fact, he often boasts about being able to do EIGHT things at once.. though nobody has seen him do it, but we'll take his word for it.

So go on, give a plucky little sea creature a chance of a new life on solid ground, and take him on as your new lodger!


As much as I would love to take the credit for his lovely story, I have to confess, this handy work is entirely Lewis's doing!
He is a genius I swear!

He's written all of the character descriptions for my little creations.
Rebecca's Emporium

... and yes, he is bonkers

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blog Features!

I have been so lucky these last couple of weeks

My little Emporium has been featured in 2 blogs!

I was interviewed for this lovely blog by Claire Ogden

And my shop was also featured in Adeline's wonderful blog

Thank you so much!
And thank you to anyone who left a lovely comment.


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