Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Pheeple Brooches

They're coming back...
mostly in the form of wall art pieces, but now in easy to wear brooches too!

The Pheeples are always there, nagging at me to launch them into the world, and I keep telling them that they're technically not allowed out there to reek havoc as they are.
But they've sussed a loophole...
And in fact, this works out much better for them anyway.
They're fascinated with humans and what we get up to, so what better way to stalk our day to day lives than by sitting on our jacket or bag and constantly watching us on our adventures?!

The little Pheeple brooches are also available in simple face designs too

And I have a feeling the Zombie Pheeple brooches might be multiplying quite quickly!

They're sure that you'll love them to bits
(no matter how many times I've told them otherwise!)
So keep your eyes peeled, and try not to let them near any jammy dodgers...
you'll regret it!
Have a lovely day folks!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Starting A Herb Garden

In one of my previous posts
I mentioned that I really wanted to grow my own little herb garden so that we could use fresh herbs with our cooking.
Well, we now have the beginnings of our herb garden!
It's not a great variation of herbs for us to use, but it's a start and it was so much fun to put together.

A little trip to our local garden centre, Englefield Garden Centre and we're ready to get planting!
We had a lovely little patch of bricked earth in our garden that was just full of weeds and stones, so we cleared everything out, tidied it up and filled it with a lovely big bag of compost to feed our new herbs.
(making sure not to slice up any worms while we're digging!)
We did have to use our imaginations a bit when we realised that we didn't actually have any gardening tools.
But as it happens, we had some kitchen utensils that we were going to throw out and they worked just perfectly!
I do wonder what the neighbours might have thought when they heard me ask Lewis if I could borrow the spatula though...
And seeing as we were raiding the kitchen for useful things to help with our new garden, I found a use for one of our old saucepans too.
My new pot of lavender looks quite lovely in this shiny saucepan. I am debating whether to keep the handle on it though, hmm, and what to plant in the other 3 saucepans?
So, now we have a lovely plot of Basil, Rosemary and Parsley and a saucepan full of lavender.
I also found some lovely slate markers in my local flower shop which look just perfect next to our new baby herbs.
And I thought I'd brighten up our little garden space with this beauty
I can't remember it's name, but isn't it gorgeous! I'm hoping this will climb all over the place and spread little, yellow pom poms all over our garden.
All done!
I hammered a few nails into the fence to keep our new garden tools to hand, and a great thing is, they'll never rust and they will always be reachable when there's a weeding emergency.
And of course no garden is complete without a garden gnome...
... or a Playmobil man riding a giant snail.
I can't wait to get some more herbs to fill our little patch up and some pretty little plants to spread around the garden. Fingers crossed that they will grow like crazy and we'll have lots of lovely, fresh herbs to use with our roast dinners.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Going To A Gig When You're Pregnant

Different people experience pregnancy differently, it's a well know fact.
So when I was umm-ing and arr-ing about going to the Green Day gig at the Emirates Stadium in London as I was settling into my 2nd trimester, different people had different pieces of advice for me.
In the end, I felt I'd be fine, just so long as I was sensible with myself.
Besides, we've all got to go out and have some fun!
So, with the festival season upon us, I thought I'd share some advice myself.
 Firstly - what on earth to wear?!
You and you're little growing bump are going to be in these clothes for the whole day. I was getting a lift with some friends, so had to consider being sat down for a long time and then walking to the stadium and standing and dancing away to Green Day. Whatever I was going to choose, comfort had to be top of the list, but it's a gig! I didn't really want to rock up in baggy trousers and my other half's hoody. So comfortable but fun...
I decided that prego pants were a must! (H&M)
They're way too big for me at the moment, so I roll down the tops, but they're so comfy to wear, I knew that I'd be just fine in them!

A simple, black strappy top to keep me nice and cool and sneakily cover the rolled down top of my maternity trousers (H&M) and a pretty, light shirt that was a 'hand-me-down' from my sister. It's a wonderful light colour covered in cute, bright owls! I love it!

And if you're going sensible with the clothing, you absolutely have to brighten yourself up with jewellery and accessories!

 I went for a bright flowery necklace that I picked up from Accessorize a few years ago and a corded, rose quartz pendant, a few bangles and rings and I was set.
Except for one very important little treat for myself...
New summery Converse!
I LOVE them so much!
So, feeling good and ready to go, but I am a pregnant lady, and there are a few things I need to remember when I'm at a gig.
 Food - make sure you eat during the day. Now food at these places isn't going to be great, so I packed my bag with little snacks and lots of water. Some places don't allow you to take food and drink in, so make sure you can find places to get bottles of water from (keep hydrated!), and try and use your common sense when buying food from a stand.
Seating - If there is seating, great! Listed to your body, when you're tired, have a rest, don't push it. No one's going to mind if you're the only one sitting and I think it's best to play it safe rather than tire yourself out completely. If you're not in a seating area, find a space at the back where it's not so crowded and sit on the floor. Make sure you're not hidden though, you don't want people falling over you!
Toilets - Yep, you're a pregnant lady, you know how it goes. Make sure you know where the nearest toilet is.
And above all, enjoy yourself! You've got a wonderful little someone growing away inside you, and they're probably enjoying the gig just as much!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

An Interview

I have been interviewed by the lovely Cris over at
She's such a lovely lady, and the interview was full of lots of interesting questions
that got me thinking.

~  "What keeps you motivated"  ~

was a great question! Especially at the moment, with getting used to being pregnant and looking forward to being a parent, at the same time as moving house and trying to push my own little Emporium along. It's great sometimes to be reminded, even by yourself, of how you normally keep on top of things!
I've been working on my new working space in our spare room since we've moved.
It's taking a while now that I seem to get out of breath from simply moving a box around, but it is sparking my little imagination and really making me want to dive in completely and leave the 'normal' world outside the door!
It's still very much in the developing stages, and I'm not even close to making it my place yet,
but I'm starting to really love it!
So, from the very embarrassing this:
To the much more inspiring this:

It's still not there yet, you might have noticed the not-so-organised stacking of books on the shelf to the left!
But it's a lovely light, little work space and it's all mine until the little newbie is born!

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