Monday, 30 November 2015

Helping With The Post

How do the orders you place with Rebecca's Emporium and Pancakes & Milk get to you? 

When you buy online, it's easy to forget the journey your parcel goes on when it travels from the home it was made in all the way to your own home.

When you buy from us, your order goes on a very special journey...
with my son.

He's 2 whole years old now and every step outside of the house is an adventure. 
When he was very little, your order would come with us as he nestled into me, wrapped in a sling with the cutest bobble hat on.
When he was toddling, your order would be safely packed into a bag and hooked onto his buggy, sometimes he would ask to walk alongside and help me to push the buggy himself.
He says hi to the lovely people at the post office and gives a wonderful smile when they tell him how adorable he is.

Now he is 2, and for the first time he asked to walk all the way to the post office without the buggy.
He loved it, and loved helping me to post your orders.

So as well as helping me to show my lovely son how wonderful handmade things are and to teach him techniques that are so important to keep alive, you are helping me to take him on adventures, introduce him to lovely people and excite him about post and connecting with people.

Thank you!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Things to remember when you're poorly

It's winter and everyone's poorly right?
Or if you're not you soon will be, it's just a Winter fact, a right of passage into the colder months and shorter days.

So how do we beat this thing?
I've got 5 handy tips to see you through this annual affliction:

1. Take a day off. 
I know, I know, you're needed and there are deadlines and all hell will break loose if you don't go to work today... but will it? Really? Surely the people who rely on you would rather be without you for a day and then have you working at full power for the next rather than have a half functioning you for a week? 
Plus, they probably don't want your cold either! Do your body a favour and let it rest for a day. It'll make a world of difference.

2. Listen to what your body needs.
OK, not literally listen, but you know what I mean. If you need sleep, then sleep. If you need to drink lots of warm drinks, do so (hot lemon water and honey is bliss for sore throats!)

3. Listen to all that advice.
You know when your mum used to nag at you for not wearing your gloves and hat and your gran would insist on wrapping you in a blanket as tightly as humanly possible? Well maybe they actually knew what they were on about. Follow your basics - stay warm, drink lots of fluids, keep tabs on your temperature, take your horrible, horrible medicine. Dry toast, chicken soup and find a loved one to cuddle you better :)

4. Get some air.
When you're starting to feel a bit better, wrap yourself up in lots of woolly warms and get out for a bit. Sometimes staying at home, snuggled under your duvet for too long can start to make you feel more lethargic than you actually are. A short walk will freshen you up and get you going again, just make sure you stay warm and dry!

Stay warm!

5. Treat yourself
It's amazing how much of a boost giving yourself a little treat can do. Whether it's booking a holiday for in the new year or just treating yourself to a posh coffee, a happy smile and contented feeling goes a long way.

Mmmm, posh coffee treat

They're my handy little tips to see you through the blasted common cold - which I've had about 3 of already this Autumn/Winter! I've absolutely no medical training what so ever, so of course if you don't have a cold, or if your symptoms are questionable, definitely go and see a doctor!! That's why they're there and they're lovely people who know how much it sucks to be ill. 

Stay healthy, stay warm and cosy and enjoy those beautiful, golden leaves out there!


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