Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Giant Pheeples

I would like to introduce you all to someone quite special...
Minty The Giant Pheeple

The Pheeples are notorious for being inquisitive, but this takes the biscuit!

Some of them were feeling particularly nosey and wandered into old Professor Bucket's laboratory..
They poked telescopes and sniffed petri dishes..

Then one of them found the Top Secret "Calculated Unstabilising Trans-matter Expander Ray" (Or 'Cuter' for short).
One of the cleverer Pheeples deduced that this was a posh way of saying 'Laser gun that makes small things big'.

They all drew straws for who would go first - They literally drew pictures of straws, the most detailed and cool looking the straw, the less chance of going first.

Poor ol' Minty didn't have much of an artistic talent and had to go first.
He shuffled forward, nervous and intrigued - then suddenly, just as he turned to glance at the group one last time... *KABLLLOOWWW!! ZAPPP!! and ZOOOOP!!*

After the smoke had cleared, Minty was revealed to be twice as big as the tallest Pheeple!
He let out a (ever so slightly deeper sounding) chuckle, and then everyone wanted to have a go.....

(I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to Lewis for writing up the Pheeple's adventures for me!
You are amazing!)

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