Monday, 30 November 2015

Helping With The Post

How do the orders you place with Rebecca's Emporium and Pancakes & Milk get to you? 

When you buy online, it's easy to forget the journey your parcel goes on when it travels from the home it was made in all the way to your own home.

When you buy from us, your order goes on a very special journey...
with my son.

He's 2 whole years old now and every step outside of the house is an adventure. 
When he was very little, your order would come with us as he nestled into me, wrapped in a sling with the cutest bobble hat on.
When he was toddling, your order would be safely packed into a bag and hooked onto his buggy, sometimes he would ask to walk alongside and help me to push the buggy himself.
He says hi to the lovely people at the post office and gives a wonderful smile when they tell him how adorable he is.

Now he is 2, and for the first time he asked to walk all the way to the post office without the buggy.
He loved it, and loved helping me to post your orders.

So as well as helping me to show my lovely son how wonderful handmade things are and to teach him techniques that are so important to keep alive, you are helping me to take him on adventures, introduce him to lovely people and excite him about post and connecting with people.

Thank you!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Things to remember when you're poorly

It's winter and everyone's poorly right?
Or if you're not you soon will be, it's just a Winter fact, a right of passage into the colder months and shorter days.

So how do we beat this thing?
I've got 5 handy tips to see you through this annual affliction:

1. Take a day off. 
I know, I know, you're needed and there are deadlines and all hell will break loose if you don't go to work today... but will it? Really? Surely the people who rely on you would rather be without you for a day and then have you working at full power for the next rather than have a half functioning you for a week? 
Plus, they probably don't want your cold either! Do your body a favour and let it rest for a day. It'll make a world of difference.

2. Listen to what your body needs.
OK, not literally listen, but you know what I mean. If you need sleep, then sleep. If you need to drink lots of warm drinks, do so (hot lemon water and honey is bliss for sore throats!)

3. Listen to all that advice.
You know when your mum used to nag at you for not wearing your gloves and hat and your gran would insist on wrapping you in a blanket as tightly as humanly possible? Well maybe they actually knew what they were on about. Follow your basics - stay warm, drink lots of fluids, keep tabs on your temperature, take your horrible, horrible medicine. Dry toast, chicken soup and find a loved one to cuddle you better :)

4. Get some air.
When you're starting to feel a bit better, wrap yourself up in lots of woolly warms and get out for a bit. Sometimes staying at home, snuggled under your duvet for too long can start to make you feel more lethargic than you actually are. A short walk will freshen you up and get you going again, just make sure you stay warm and dry!

Stay warm!

5. Treat yourself
It's amazing how much of a boost giving yourself a little treat can do. Whether it's booking a holiday for in the new year or just treating yourself to a posh coffee, a happy smile and contented feeling goes a long way.

Mmmm, posh coffee treat

They're my handy little tips to see you through the blasted common cold - which I've had about 3 of already this Autumn/Winter! I've absolutely no medical training what so ever, so of course if you don't have a cold, or if your symptoms are questionable, definitely go and see a doctor!! That's why they're there and they're lovely people who know how much it sucks to be ill. 

Stay healthy, stay warm and cosy and enjoy those beautiful, golden leaves out there!


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Falling for Autumn

Today is Post day.
So me and my little side kick bundled ourselves up and went on an adventure to post Mummy's parcels.
And my, Autumn is in full swing!
We've only been house bound for about a week, but it seems that we've already missed so much!
Kicking leaves and jumping in puddles is by far the best way to travel!

What do you love about Autumn?

I think I may be in love with the entire season!

Crunchy leaves
Cool mornings
Time to bring out the woolly warmers, hats scarves and gloves
The seasonal veggies are by far my favourites!
Apple crumble - my god apple crumble!
All the animals out and about, busy collecting food 
All of those beautiful colours decorating the earth
Hot chocolate

And it could just be me, but everyone just seems so much nicer in the Autumn.

It'll be a shame when Winter gets here and it all goes away, but hey, then we'll build snowmen!
- hopefully.

What do you love about Autumn?


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pure Wool Love

Unfortunately the bug is still in the house and now we're all poorly!
*cue sarcastic woop!*
Fingers crossed the bucketfuls of hot lemon and vapour rub will see us right

I don't know if it's just me, but I refuse to work on anything for my customers whilst I'm ill. I don't know, it just doesn't feel right, especially if it's a wonderful snuggly blanket for a little one!
So, work aside, I've decided to treat myself to a few crochet goodies myself!

Today's project, a lovely crocheted bowl made from a gorgeous pure wool from The Lost Gardens of Heligan 

Since I started my love of wool through felting, it's always been very important to me to make sure that the wool I use is actually wool and not a plastic hybrid.
I love wool! 
It's beautiful, practical, wonderful to work with and in all honesty pure magic!
Read a few points here to get an idea of its total awesomeness:

I thought I'd treat my house to a pure wool bowl (it's found a home in my bathroom, keeping all of my hair bobbles in one tidy place at the moment).
It's a very simple crochet pattern, but I'll write it down in case you want to have a go:

(UK crochet pattern)

Using a crochet hook sized 4.50mm
and Heligan Garden Twine, 100% pure wool

~ Ch 4 and sl st
(working in continuous rounds)
~ htr 12 sts into the centre circle
~ 2htr into every st
~2htr in the 1st st and 1 htr in the next st - repeat to the end of the round
~ 2htr in the next st and 1 htr in the next 2 st - repeat to the end of the round
~ 2htr in the next st and 1 htr in the next 3 st - repeat to the end of the round
~ dc into the front loop of each st to the end of the round
(changing to a size 4mm hook)
~ dc in every st to the end of the round
~ repeat the previous step for another 8 rounds ( or to your desired height)
~ change the colour of your yarn for the finishing st (I chose a scrap piece of blue yarn from my stash. You don't need much)
~ sl st to the end of the round
~ fasten off

I love how the twine gives the bowl more rigidity than what a softer wool would.
I've made bowls from normal, household string before too, and that's worked out quite well.
Perhaps even replace the blue edging for red and make an adorable Xmasy bowl and fill it with treats for a present with a personal touch!

Fall in love with wool!


Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Bit of Cake Solves All

Today I am a poorly soul.
 I hate being ill at the best of times but I swear it's worse when there's a whirlwind of a toddler flying around that you need to keep safe!

Naturally today we've been standing on chairs, throwing food all over the place and demanding in the cutest, 'how could I say no' way that mummy reads his books, when mummy has absolutely no voice to read them with. 
So I'm afraid there will be no crocheting or felting today. There will only be cake and warm lemon drinks.

I do have a couple of projects on the go though. 2 Xmas blankets, one felted sculpture and I'm currently turning my sister's wedding bunting that I made into a lovely crochet blanket for her and her hubby to snuggle under now that the weather's turning. 
It might be a fair trade for the scrummy chocolate brownie that she delivered this morning. Yum! 

These projects will have to wait a day or two though. I have absolutely no body power to create loveliness 
- plus I really don't want to be sneezing all over my sister's wedding bunting/blanket!!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Coming Back

It's been long overdue, but I feel the urge to submerse myself back into my writing.

For all of you who read blogs, write blogs or just plain live for the written word, I think you'll understand that it feels like there's a certain call to it. I used to surround myself. I'd write diaries, read non-stop, scribble little stories and poems whenever there was a spare second going. 
Hopefully I'll be able to find those spare seconds again!

Nearly two whole years ago, all that I thought was important and normal found itself eclipsed by a single, tiny, wonderful human.
Yep, I earned the title "Mum".
Every second belonged to him.
But now... don't tell... I'm trying to sneak a few back!

I don't think he's noticed yet. He seems more interested in the thousands of cars he seems to have accumulated and determinedly trying to figure out how the plug sockets work. (help!) 

Not to say he isn't my entire world, but I think a few precious moments to yourself are vital for sanity's sake. Right? 

Anyway, the egg timer calls.
I'll try and catch some more seconds tomorrow and tell you some more about my crochet work and what's happening with my little felted creatures.

Pop back soon!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday's Tune

Friday, the day before the weekend.
For some, the last day of working before a much needed two day break.
Let's have a tune to get us ready for the weekend!
This week I'm choosing a wonderful track from one of my favourite artists that I had the joy of discovering whilst he supported a Green Day gig a good few years ago:
A song close to my heart as this was going to be mine and Lewis' 1st dance song at our wedding
(we've thought of a better one since, but this is still going on the song list!)
and an ethos that we both feel very passionately about, and sometimes need reminding of.
I love this song.
I hope you enjoy it.
Roll on the weekend!!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Meeting Lovely People

Some days you meet someone who, for reasons unknown, just make you smile.

At Finn's playgroup today, we were visited by some vicars and their families who were travelling through the area. 

Now, I am utterly rubbish at meeting new people. Normally at playgroup I busy myself playing with Finn so as not to have one of those nerve wracking first conversations with another mum. I've tried it many times before. Sometimes we make friends for a bit, but then it fizzles out, sometimes I just get ignored as the other mum walks away. So if I'm honest, I've rather given up on trying to make a Mum friend.

This morning however, I was approached by a lovely guy who introduced me to his wife and his adorable two children. 
And we clicked.
I don't think I've ever clicked with a family before.

They were, without a doubt, the nicest people I've met in a good long while. 
Unfortunately their not local though, and will back home by the time next week's playgroup comes around. 
It's still so lovely to know that there are mums that I can 'click' with out there. I was quite convinced that I was a lost cause.
I mean we even talked about the embarrassing things and the difficult things. I'm not even sure I've had a conversation about the difficult side of being a mum with another mum. Conversations have always seemed to revolve around how well each child is doing, almost competitive and uncomfortable.

Is it just me or is finding a 'mum friend' surprisingly difficult? 

It's a shame that I'll probably never see her again or her lovely little children, but inspiring nonetheless that lovely mums are out there waiting for me to say 'hi!' 

Hi lovely mummies!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day

Sunday 15th March 2015 - Mother's Day

A day to appreciate all the lovely mummies out there!
And since becoming a mum myself, I have come to realise just how much it takes to be one.
It's hard work, exhausting in fact, and the little moments of rest, a chance to drink a warm cup of coffee, are pure gold. But of course, every single smile and giggle and cuddle are worth even more. 
Mum's I would officially like to high five you all!

I've only been a mummy for 2 years now, and as cliche as the whole Mother's Day thing is, I truly had the most amazing day!

My boy and my hubby-to-be spoiled me rotten!

Apparently Finn picked me some very cheery sunflowers himself

Perfect for the gloomy weather that seems to be determined to hang around at the moment. My house still looks sunny and ready to welcome Spring!
There's just something about having fresh flowers in the house.

I had some wonderful doodled cards, scrawled by my very own crayon-muncher and a pot of adorable tiny roses to make our home look even cheerier!
So much loveliness!

We had to do a shop and Lewis sneakily bought me a chocolate milkshake - my guilty pleasure
and some chocolate muffins!
Thoroughly spoiled

But my favourite bit of the whole lovely day was my traditional, special Mother's Day ice cream
- a little tub of ice cream to eat whilst we're out and about.
This year's flavour of choice was 

Ginger Spice 
by Jude's

and ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I would like to officially announce this as the best flavour in the entire world!!
I'm smitten, and may have to insist on this flavour for every other Mother's Day to come.

I'm still bouncing around today after my lovely day yesterday, I hope all you mummies out there had a lovely day as well and treated all of your mums to something lovely.
(If in future you are ever stuck for present ideas, I can't insist enough on how good Ginger Spice ice cream is!)

Happy belated Mother's Day all

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy Anniversary

Just a small post to say
 a very happy anniversary to my wonderful Lewis!
(warning - mushyness ahead!)

It has actually been a whole 5 years since we met!
A snowy day in Reading, meeting at the train station, a bag of nerves.
Then off to the pub to calm our nerves!
Followed by a walk in the snow, a game of 'throw snowballs at the statue's bottom', and exploring the little world around us.

I can honestly say that Lewis has been the only person to really 'get' me, notice the little things about me and make me laugh so much that I actually vomited water out of my nose in a shopping centre...
...and didn't feel the need to run away and hide after.

And it's never been boring, never been dull.
I love our little life that we've made together.

I know it's mushy and a little love sick,
but this guy is one in a million
and without a shadow of a doubt
my soul mate.

He even treated me to some roses 
(not too many that I'd tell him off for spending money on me, but enough to make me think he was wonderful!)

Happy Anniversary Lewis!
Here's to many more years of adventures, cups of tea, rubber duckies, adorable offspring, trips to the seaside, discovering the little things, and creating as many amazing memories as we possibly can!

I love you


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Without doubt this has most definitely been a year full of adventures!

An adorable, tiny baby grew into a cheeky, still adorable, toddler.
And that in itself is quite an adventure!

We've had ups and downs like you all have I'm sure, and at the end of it, we all take a sip of something bubbly and contemplate how on earth we got to this point.

Honestly, I've no idea!
It goes by in such a whoosh, but I know that I feel content, achieved, and brimming with excitement and anticipation for the next year to come.

who's got a New Years Resolution they're planning to stick to this year?

I've had a good few in mind, but I think I've narrowed them down to:

~ Blog more
(obviously! :) )

~ Try and be a bit more grown up about things
(that sounds a bit bonkers, but I still feel like I'm taking on the world as a kid. I'm not saying 'ditch my younger mind set'. Just try to be the responsible adult now that I've got my little son watching my every move!)

~ Organise!
(Now I've been a mum for over a year, I need to start organising my time properly, setting out 'working time' and 'play time'. My business needs a jolly good kick up the bottom!)

~ Try to fit in a date night or two
(Not that things are rubbish the way that they are, I just think a date night at least once a month would be magical. Even if it's just a game of monopoly and a glass of cider instead of watching the TV! Something I've found through the wonderful experience of being a mum - no one tells you just how hard it is to be 'Just Us')

There are sooooo many more, but at the moment, these are my 4 important ones.

Fingers crossed I can stick at them for more than just the 1st week of January!

I hope you're all enjoying your New Year!
Whether we stick to our resolutions or not, at least we know for sure that this time next year we'll have a gazillion stories to tell!

Have a good one everybody!

And I hope to be blogging to you all again soon!

And MOST importantly


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