Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Yet again, time has sped away from me, and I have no idea where it's gone, how it managed to sneak past me or what I've even accomplished during this mini whirlwind!
Unfortunately my poor little blog has been put aside as the Pheeples become more and more insistent that their army needs to grow.
I love felting to bits, but it does take up a lot of my world.
So when I read this blog post this morning by kelly anne, I felt time suddenly slow down a bit,
and it felt amazing!
I went for a walk, just a little one to the shops and back, popped into the post office, watched people passing me on the pavement, and then I popped into the little charity shop.
There's something about a charity shop.
Because I never go in there with an aim of buying anything in particular, time slows down even more, and I end up just dawdling around the shelves, making sure I get a look at everything.
And there's so many wonderful things to see!
There was a lovely basket of balls of wool that I had to force myself not to rummage through
"for myself" I had to tell myself.
This was going to be about me, and nothing to do with my work - even though we are pretty much the same, there is a bit of me that isn't felt  ;)
There was a box of old records, some lovely little ornaments I was nearly tempted by. There was a stunning, tiny little wooden horse and a little ceramic lama.
I had a go at an old looking music box, but it didn't work sadly.
And then I found the book shelf.
I never get time to read any more.
I can't felt and read at the same time.
I can felt and watch films at the same time though, so I fill my head with stories from my Poirot DVD collection and anime.
Today however, I decided to treat myself to a little book.
maybe not a story, but something I can dip into every now and again when the Pheeples give me a lunch break.
...Ok, so maybe I treated myself to 2 books!
This one I couldn't resist!
As soon as I started scanning the page, I knew it'd make me giggle.
and this one just sparked my curiosity.
It's a whole book of Q&As
for example:
"Q. Does cold iron contain heat?
A. Yes: every thing contains heat; but, when a thing feels cold, its heat is latent."
(pg 99)
Learn something new every day? - I intend to!
and it has that luuurvely old book smell!
I feel quite ready to hop back into my world now
But I do advise it, try and slow down time if you can, even if it's only for a little while.
now back to the Pheeples, I can hear them moaning about something or other.
They've probably run out of cake!


  1. I love old books too - they are something i insist on keeping long term, though they threaten to overwhelm me, i cant chuck them out. Your books look a right interesting sort. got to love charity shops. Thank you for the shout out too :)

    I used to have this book and found it beautiful for escapism:

    1. Ooo, it looks like an interesting book! :)
      Might have to put that on my wish list! The "How to see Faeries" book looks good too :) x

  2. Download David Bowie "Time" - EPIC song. Very good to lose yourself it thoughts to :)

  3. I LOVE the look of those old books! And learning something new every day is my ultimate goal in life! :))

    Sophie x xx


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