Friday, 17 May 2013

Decorating On A Budget

This time last month we were getting all excited to move into our lovely new house!
Me and Lewis had spent over a year living with his parents, and whilst it was lovely and great to live with such lovely people,
we really started to crave our own space!
So, on the 20th of April, we moved into a lovely little 2 bed house!
We did fall in love a bit
But then we came across a problem. We didn't have very much money left after the big payments of rent and deposits and extra fees, and we still didn't have any furniture in the house!
So if you need a whole house full of furniture but lack the funds straight away,
 here's a few handy tips:
~ Borrow
 Lewis' parents were kind enough to lend us their double inflatable bed, which is actually amazingly comfortable. You can let air in or out of it to your preferred 'mattress' type.
~ Hand-me-downs
Lewis' parents were also lovely enough to give us one of their old sofas.
It might be a bit torn here and there, and the support at the bottom has gone, but we can cover it with a pretty fabric and it's more than comfy enough.
~ Boxes
After moving house you'll find you have a gazillion spare boxes lying around, and while a few of them can go in the recycling bin and the big ones can go in the loft for future packing needs, you might find that some come in quite handy!

A box coffee table!
If you stack an upside down box inside and place a sheet of card on top it'll help strengthen the middle of the table. And don't forget to tape all of the edges so it stays secure.
This will work for side tables, pot stands and things too. I haven't tested the weight for extra seating, but I'm sure if you filled it with enough boxes for structure you could make some handy little stools too!
And the best thing of all about box furniture is that you can doodle all over it and it doesn't matter.
Decorate your own table!

(You can find the quirky coasters from , a must for every fun coffee table!)
I love having a little DIY house. I'm planning some fun bunting and maybe some pom pom decorations soon. I think knowing that nothing has to permanent and that you CAN draw on the furniture opens so many creative doors.
We'll get proper furniture soon, but hopefully we'll have just as much fun with our new pieces as well!


  1. It's lovely to make your new home your own. All those extra "things" will come over time as you save up etc, but for now you have what is really important. Have fun x

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to play around :) x

  2. What a cool idea! Doodle furniture!!

    Aww, I'm so pleased you love the new house, it looks so cute!!

    Sophie x xx

    1. Thanks hun! :) Hopefully I'll have some more ideas soon. The spare room really needs a sort out, but that will be a whole other story :) lol x

  3. Decorating our own home can be such a great time. I can see that you enjoy every single moment of it! Looks like a beautiful home already! xx

    1. Thank you! hehe, it is rather fun! And it's great not to follow the trends and just really go for something that's "us" :) x

  4. brilliant !I have had 3 houses in the last 30 years and I still like to decorate on a budget (hence me getting excited today over a wool carpet for my bathroom for £30). Found this great way of making lots of pom poms yesterday , so sharing -

    1. Oooo thanks hun! That's a brilliant link!
      I might have to share that in my next post :)

      A wool carpet for £30! That's great :) I love finding little gems that's just perfect for your house! x


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