Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bear Follows Cat

On my adventures, exploring the world of crafty people to share with you all, I discovered something amazing! I am super happy to introduce you all to

Thoroughly intrigued, I decided to poke my nose a little into the world of Bear Follows Cat...

Hello Bear Follows Cat, who are you?

 Hello! My name is Pippa. I am 27, currently doing a masters in art and having a lovely time. I live in Leeds, with a soon to be married couple and three lovely naughty cats, and spend most of my time cluttering up my bedroom/studio with good pieces of art and failed pieces of art that I can't bring myself to throw away!
I think I realised that I had an arty streak when I was at school and I was "sat down for a chat" because I was neglecting all my other subjects for sitting in the art studios! One degree and three boring years sat in an office later made me realise that it's what I was miserable doing anything else so off I went back to school. Seems it's working out fine though!

What sparks you to create your beautiful work?

 My dreams are the main inspiration point for my work. It started when I had a crazy post apocalyptic dream that the world had been taken over by man eating bears and we were hiding out in a big building. It was so vivid that I was still thinking about it weeks later, so I started to draw bears, which turned into silhouettes and then the paper cuttings. My dreams have always been very vivid and so its a great place because your imagination can run riot without logic getting in the way!

To carry on doing my work? Other artists are my inspiration. I just think that it's incredible the things that people can do and make and the fact that other people are doing it and being successful is an amazing inspiration and motivation to keep going, even when it's a bit tough.

Tell me a bit about your creative process?

 I'm a bit of a jumble when it comes to process. Sometimes i need to think really hard as to how its going to work, making sketches and planning it in my mind. Other times I just sit down and it pours out. I usually know pretty quickly once I have started something if it's going to work though, and I am not afraid to abandon something if I think it's not right (even if i do keep hold of it, sometimes, you just need a bit of space from it). I like to sit down with a cup of tea, with all my drawing things and put some music on and just go for it. I like to get other peoples opinions on things too, that means a lot to me to get peoples opinions, it lets me know what works and what doesn't.

I do think however that a good cup of tea is important to any process!

Yes! Tea is most important I think :)
What do you do when you're not creating?

 I work part time in an office still, so three days a week I am sat at a desk answering peoples letters. Other than that, I love watching films and day trips! Oh, and being in the garden and pottering around. We have a great garden, its like an extension of the house in the summer.

Sounds lovely!
Now this might sound random, but I think the way to find out what's really behind an artist is to take away the issues of time and money. So if you didn't have to worry about either, what would you create?

That's a very tough question! Last year, I had one of the bears in my paper cuts made into an MDF 5ft silhouette laser cut out. Its as tall as me and I love it to bits. If I could make anything, I would create a whole space filled with the animals from my paper cuts made into (weatherproof) life size cut outs, like the bear. When I am making my work, its not just a scene I am mapping out on a piece of paper, there is a place where they are all are, and I can see it all in my head and all of them milling around.

It would be nice to share that with other people!

That's so beautiful! It would be amazing to walk amongst giant versions of your work!
Thank you so much for letting us have a little peak into your world!

Please go and visit Pippa and her world!
The gorgeous and quirky designs will take your breath away.

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  1. Extraordinary negative space!!!!!! What a brilliant mind and eye for detail; the silhouettes are stunning ;o).



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