Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Being A Mum - 10 Things I Wouldn't Be Without

This Saturday the 24th May, I will be a mum to a 6 month old!
How on earth 6 months have zoomed by I'll never know,
but one thing's for sure, I don't know how I would have done it without these things!

1 ~ A dummy
I know that some mums are pro dummies and some are completely against them, but Finn found it such a comfort when he was little and trying to sleep, and now it helps him while he's going through teething his first tooth through (a dummy fresh from the fridge is a god send!).

2 ~ A Gro Egg
From the very first night we were paranoid about the temperature of our house without central heating and little Finn being warm enough. This was definitely an investment! And it came with lots of advice about how many blankets to use with ranging temperatures, and it makes a lovely little night light too!

3 ~ A light weight blanket
 On the same subject as keeping your little one at the right temperature during the night, a thin, non-woolly blanket has been a definite must-have! Knowing that he's not going to over heat with a think blanket is great peace of mind when you need all the sleep you can get!

4 ~ Fairy lights
It sounds silly, but he's totally amazed by them. He loved staring at them when he was tiny and now seems totally mesmerised by them! 

5 ~ Fun baby clothes
Again, something quite silly when you think about it. Surely all baby clothes are cute and fun. But when he's managed to mess up a clean baby grow and vest within 5 seconds of you struggling with flying arms and legs to get him into it, it's less of a 'job' when you're then putting him into a super cute Tigger onesie!

6 ~ Muslin cloths
I think all mums would be with me on this one. Muslin cloths are your hero! They save the day with anything - dribbles, vomit, messy eaters, teething aids, a cool cloth in the summer... the list goes on!

7 ~ A clothes rail
We don't have a tumble drier, and one human has never needed so many clothes washing each and every day! 

8 ~ My phone
As much as I hate being ruled by the technology world, if I didn't have my phone when I became a mum, I'd have been a little lost. Being able to hop onto the Internet whenever a doubt or question popped into my head was a massive reassurance that all was well! 
And of course being able to take photos of the super cute things he does without having to hunt out my camera is a plus.

9 ~ Rubber ducky
Probably just a Finn thing, but he loves his rubber duckies! In the bath or out, he's always after them, and most of the time chewing on them!

10 ~ Lewis
Most important, above all of these - Lewis!
Without him I would most definitely be a quivering wreck somewhere, doubting all my mothering instincts and scoffing chocolate like there was no tomorrow.
He has been amazing, totally beyond words, a super dad!



  1. Lovely blog. The globag egg is one of my best buys with jessica and now used in ther room for all 3. Im sure your a great mum. Cant beleive hes nearly 6 months xx

  2. Aww! Look at those two, so perfect :D

    Soph x xx

    1. hehe, they're quite a pair of mischievous boys!

  3. Hi Rebecca, this is a very nice blog post, now that I am looking around for baby essentials, it is always helpful to find firsthand recommendations.

    Gaby x


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