Friday, 10 February 2012


A new range of felted characters from
Rebecca's Emporium

You might've seen a Feep recently;
They use to hide all over the place, being scared of humans.
But recently, they've started scuttering out from behind sofas, peering out from the bookcase and sneaking out from under the fridge.

Feeps (Feepettes for girls, and Feeplings for infants..) are curiously inquisitive, and just like to watch us going about our lives and some of them have become quite friendly with us humans and have made lots of new friends in the process.

Some try to be scary, using fake fangs and other bits and bobs but they just wind up looking adorable! (but be sure to pretend to be scared or they get upset!)

Others find every little thing we do hilarious, and can be found rolling around on their bums and doing high pitched belly laughs on desks all over the country.

And some are just happy to quietly sit and observe us going about our days, taking in the new giant world around them.

Hehe, I hope that you like them!
There are many more, and I'll introduce them a bit later... I can't have them getting jealous of each other!
Who knows what could happen!


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