Monday, 7 January 2013




It's happening folks...

tonight is the night!


The Pheeples are coming back to cause havoc and this time they've topped themselves up on sweets and jammy dodgers!
There will be no mercy!
at 8pm tonight I will start listing the very first of my new Pheeple range!
There will be 2 wall sculptures and 2 felt Pheeple brooches for the story
'The Snowy Pheeple and His Scarf'
written by myself.
Each sculpture and each brooch piece will be numbered and these will be the ONLY ones made for this story!


So... lets have a party!


Hop onto my facebook page just after 8pm to get a peek at the new Pheeples 1st!
And don't forget, to celebrate the return of
The Pheeples
each of these new Pheeple pieces will come with a FREE gift!
We're all excited here!
The party starts at 8pm folks!
Grab some party rings and come and join us for
Pheeple New Year!


  1. Oh my Gosh, so exciting!!!! :)

    Sophie x xx

  2. The one on the Hoop is just adorable! Great Job!!!

  3. really cute!!!


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