Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thursday's Inspiration - Pastels

I've been adoring pastels recently!
It could be because the lovely, summery weather is so intoxicating, but they are gorgeous!
(Hence my lovely new, pastel mint pumps!)

Staying round my parent's house today and doing a bit of rummaging, I've come across some fantastic, old pieces from my own childhood. 
The wonderful pastel colours that are inspiring me at the moment, present throughout these pieces.
I love how the traditional, soft colours of childhood are those same, uplifting colours of summer!

I even remember reading this book as a child at night, when it must have been summer, because I can remember my parents being out in the garden whilst I was supposed to be sleeping.

And I'm not sure why, but I remember "Who Killed Cock Robbin" as being my favourite!
A bit worrying, looking back, but I remember always reading it, and being quite chuffed with myself because it was one of the longest nursery rhymes in the book!

A beautiful combination of the joys of childhood and the joys of summer!
Perfect inspiration!


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