Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wednesday Makes - Cross Stitch

My felting might have been put on hold
(mostly because I couldn't bear the thought of little Finn discovering a felting needle, they're as sharp as anything!)
But that won't stop me from making things!
I've had a great time making little toy boxes and crocheted hats and at the moment, I'm really enjoying exploring the world of cross stitch.

Cross stitch was one of the many crafts that my Gramma was amazing at! She used to have great big landscapes and old town scenes neatly framed up on her walls and there would always be her next project all set up and half completed in the conservatory.
They were the sort of pictures that were so detailed and perfect, that only when you got right up close to them could you see all of the little thread crosses.
She's my craft hero, I swear!

I remember my very first cross stitched piece that I got as a kit when I was quite young. 
I still have it, tucked away in a pocket in my sewing basket 

I've been getting into cross stitch recently as it seems to be a direction I can take the Pheeples, but I can easily lock it all away in a box with no fear of it all being ransacked when Finn gets mobile!

I started with some large Pheeple pieces which are still in my 'to-do' pile at the mo!

But these are my babies!

I love it!
It's like drawing in textiles.
There's so many more directions I can take my little guys and having a drawing come to life without the difficulties of 'how on earth am I going to make that?!' It's a lovely feeling now that I don't as much time as I did to ponder my little creations!

I've got a lot of plans for my cross stitch pieces! 
I can't wait to get more of them done...
...I just need more time!




  1. Yay I've recently got my cross stitch box out and been thinking about finishing off some of the bits i put down a while back ;) your Pheeples look awesome in Stitches too!

  2. Arw thanks Nicola :)
    I like being able to give them balloons and flowers and I'm planning some cute weddingy ones too!
    Cross stitch is so relaxing too! :) good luck with your crochet projects x


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