Thursday, 16 January 2014

10 Awesome Things About Newborns

It's been nearly 7 whole weeks since my little boy decided to venture out into the big wide world, and it feels like one of those weird time bubbles where it feels like he's been here forever but at the same time, it's gone so quickly!

I can't believe we're creeping ever closer to the 2 month mark! And he's grown so much in this tiny space of time!
He is officially too big for his Newborn baby grows now and I've had to pack them away, and in a way it feels like a bit of a turning point. He's not a newborn anymore, he's my growing baby boy!

And to celebrate this, here's 10 awesome things about newborns that I'll miss as he gets older: 

1. Everything's so tiny! The very first thing that tugged at my heart strings about him were his tiny ears, and his hands, and feet, and nose, and just about everything! 

2. They sleep a lot :) hehe, giving you plenty of time to catch up on your sleep.. Or just to stare at them in utter awe as they dose!

3. Their constant need of 'something' makes you feel very needed and like you've achieved something amazing when you finally figure out what it is that they've been crying about - even if it's just a cuddle!

4. Presents! :) hehe, on a very selfish note, you can finally use all of those adorable baby presents you've been given and all of the cute things that you bought yourself! I spent ages pottering around the baby room before Finn was born, getting all excited about using his changing mat and going through all if his baby cloths.

5. Watching them grow, even as tiny little humans, they grow at a crazy pace! I swear some mornings I look at him and think 'I'm pretty sure you're bigger than you were last night!' It's amazing to see, but at the same time a little heart wrenching... Before I know it he'll be off to school to learn about dinosaurs!

6. Kind of in line with number 5, you get a whole new perspective to life by watching it from its very beginning. Almost everyday you'll have a 'I made that nose' feeling of awe, and you marvel at how amazing their little body is and how amazing yours is to have made something so complicated and wonderful!
I have made life!

7. Having something very awesome to show off! I'm his mum, so naturally he is amazing and wonderful and the best baby ever to be born! But it is good fun taking him to see people or inviting friends round to see his awesomeness themselves!

8. Planning his little future. I don't mean that I am planning for him to be a doctor or anything, but the little things that will help him through life. I like thinking about when we should take him swimming, planning his first holiday, how I'm going to teach him about trees and bugs and to save me from big, creepy spiders!

9. Holding his little hand. It might be a baby reflex, but by god it makes my heart melt when he grabs hold of my finger with all of his tiny, baby fingers. One day I'll be holding that hand to cross a road!

10. And as silly as it sounds, all of those midnight feeds are wonderful. Getting out of bed in the first place admittedly is the hardest thing in the world, but when you're staring into that little face while he eats and tickling his little belly during changing time... it's magical. And I know when he finally sleeps through the night it will be great, but I also know that I'll secretly miss all of our little midnight conversations and cuddles.
They say that they grow up so fast, so I am more ok with loosing a little sleep to spend as much time with him as possible!

There's a gazillion more things that I could blabber on about my little boy, but from my very little, personal experience, these are more 10 favourite things... for now... there will be more as he gets older... he's already starting to smile like a loony at little things that make him happy... swoon!!
god help me when he finds hid giggle!
I hope you're all having a lovely week
and are starting your new years with awesomeness!


  1. Ahh- your post brought back a lot of happy memories. You sound so happy- drink it all in....xx


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