Monday, 30 November 2015

Helping With The Post

How do the orders you place with Rebecca's Emporium and Pancakes & Milk get to you? 

When you buy online, it's easy to forget the journey your parcel goes on when it travels from the home it was made in all the way to your own home.

When you buy from us, your order goes on a very special journey...
with my son.

He's 2 whole years old now and every step outside of the house is an adventure. 
When he was very little, your order would come with us as he nestled into me, wrapped in a sling with the cutest bobble hat on.
When he was toddling, your order would be safely packed into a bag and hooked onto his buggy, sometimes he would ask to walk alongside and help me to push the buggy himself.
He says hi to the lovely people at the post office and gives a wonderful smile when they tell him how adorable he is.

Now he is 2, and for the first time he asked to walk all the way to the post office without the buggy.
He loved it, and loved helping me to post your orders.

So as well as helping me to show my lovely son how wonderful handmade things are and to teach him techniques that are so important to keep alive, you are helping me to take him on adventures, introduce him to lovely people and excite him about post and connecting with people.

Thank you!

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