Thursday, 10 March 2011

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I have to admit, I've got a bit of a weird making process.
Most of the time, I decide on a colour, and start felting away, I have no idea what I'm making until half way through and suddenly I see a shape, and I feel a character and I go with it :)

I've always been told this is NOT the way to do it, but I enjoy it, and it means I get to explore the character more. The amount of times i've started making a slug and it turned into a bird! :)

I feel that enjoying what you make is so important, like Feltedcreatures says, there's a buyer out there that will like what you've done :)


I posted this today as a response to a conversation on an Etsy team that i've joined.

It was a topic about how to decide what to sell, and I realised I really don't have a process!
I'm not sure if you're "meant" to, but I find that if i try to control what I do, it never turns out quite as well as i'd like it to.
However, if I just sit down, let my mind wonder... then, normally, I'm quite chuffed with what I see at the end of it!

This was meant to be a slug....


  1. Wow, your humming bird is adorable. I love the wire and wool together.
    It really made me laugh when I read it stated off as a slug, lol.

  2. Hello Rebecca, I know what you mean. half of the time I make stuff thinking it is going to turn out one way and it doesn't and then I decide I don't actually like it, but then everybody else does... each to their own , I guess :)

    Gabby (from Gabby's Bazaar)


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