Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sculptural Jewellery

Since I started making my felt ball bangles, I've wanted to take the idea of clustering felt balls even further into sculptural jewellery. I love the idea of bubbles surrounding and moving with the body, and using felt balls to express this, I've come up with a necklace that really flows with the body.

I love the soft colours of this one, and because I've used metal links to attach each felt ball to the necklace, the structure naturally works with the body's shape.

I've also made another sculptural ring using grey and pale yellow dyed merino wool.


  1. I love the bubbles! The idea of getting them on your neck is so cool! They look like eerie pieces of a dream!

  2. gosh what a beautiful necklace...lovely idea
    j x

  3. I love that necklace. I was looking at similar things in a magazine and wanted to try but I have never tried making felt before and I'm not sure I have the washing machine for it :)
    Good luck with it, it seems you are doing an awesome job already :)

  4. These are beautiful! I love felt too and since felt balls are quite easy to make, I made a necklace very similar to your gorgeous grey one, but in bright red! Your sculptural ring is very impressive - think you're onto something there! Erika Price Jewelry

  5. This looks so much fun to wear but very classical in terms of colours. Great stuff.

  6. This is beautiful, I made something similar several years ago, cept mine looked like grapes on purpose. Love the abstract bubbleness of this piece. really nice.


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