Friday, 10 June 2011


I have been away for a week, but I am back!
and here to show off some of my newest Emporium guests.

He just missed all of the Easter hubbub bless him, I think he was too busy investigating the carrot patch and missed the Easter party, but he's here now!
Better late than never, here's Oscar the Wabbit

And my newest addition to my shop is something quite different.
I've been experimenting with abstract forms and working with the body, and this is one of my new rings.

This ring is made entirely of felt, so it changes with your body too.
I have another one which I'm bringing into my Emporium tonight if you would like to take a peak.

I love the way that natural fibres can work with the body rather than against it to decorate and create some really beautiful shapes. I feel some more explorations may be had in the future,
So keep an eye open! 


  1. I LOVE Oscars little tail.....cute!
    j x

  2. Love Oscar - he's cute as a button - or wabbit. And great ring design too!


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