Monday, 9 July 2012


Hello Monday!
Where on earth did you come from?

It hasn't been a terrible day...
... if I ignore the train issues this morning.
I really do need to grow my driving confidence to do the Guildford to Reading commute!
Eap, I can't help it, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat!

But all came right when I (finally) got to work!


Biccy the Iced Gem Wookie from the amazing


Eeeey, I love him!
AND he came with a packet of iced gems! mmmmm
Now I am happy


In Pheeple news...
have you seen the newest Pheeple?

They were all having a lovely time last week, playing nicely with each other (for a change!)
and then one sneaky one found the dressing up box!
You should have seen some of the costumes!
One Pheeple found a massive wig that covered his eyes, so of course he didn't see the pair of Pheeples that decided to dress up as a horse whilst he was running over to show me!
There were horse bits and tufts of wig everywhere!

And this little lady found these cat ears, tail and a little pink nose.
She liked them so much that I haven't been able to get her to give them back yet.

She does look quite cute though!

She's now up for adoption in my Etsy shop here:
But she does insist that she is allowed to take her new costume with her!

Now I have to go and make them ALL cups of tea apparently!
I think I'll treat myself to one too though.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend
and are having a great day today!


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