Thursday, 28 June 2012



I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment!
I'm really sorry folks, I just feel so darn sleepy all of the time at the mo,
and coffee just seems to make me worse!

I am sorry I haven't been about
I have been busy!

I took the Pheeple's to their very first craft fair last weekend (23rd June)
and it was so much fun!
There were so many lovely stalls and the whole atmosphere was lovely!

The craft fair was run by vintagepixie, and it was just a perfect gathering of crafty/vintagey people!
I met some fantastic crafters and other stall holders.
natalialovatjewellery was the stall next to mine, and within the first hour or so I'd fallen in love with one of her beautiful pieces of jewellery!

*puts on my birthday list*

I've got all of the other photos on my facebook page here if you would like to take a look:

Ooof, I am feel oober sleepy!
I think I might end up falling asleep on the train again tonight
Keep an eye out for me in Redhill if sleep through my stop!



I hope you're all well!
I will be on here more, bugging you with randomness when I'm more awake!



  1. Your stall looks lovely! So cute!!! Maybe it's the weather- this humidity makes me groggy-or maybe cos you are so busy. Hope you can get plenty of rest (ideally not on the train!) and hope some energy comes your way soon

  2. I absolutely love the trees that you got cut they really do make the stall and I get like that sometimes with feeling sleepy.I try and eat really well get some excercise and keep my water levels up.
    It could be that time of the year with it being humid like Dotty said or you could just be feeling abit run down.


  3. I hope the Pheeples enjoyed their day at the craft fair?
    I know what you mean about feeling tired, I could fall asleep just after I've woken up lol, maybe it's this odd weather we're having at the moment?


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