Monday, 13 August 2012

And The Winner Is....

What a response to my giveaway over these last 2 weeks!
You guys are so awesome!

And so many lovely designs!
I wish I could turn them all into little felted Pheeple!

I had a little help from one of the Pheeples for the name draw,
and mum was nominated to close her eyes and pick a name from the box!
Thanks mum!


Pheeple judicator checking my spelling

The Pheeple judicator then checking that all of the names are in the box

*Put lid on box, shake, and then pass to Mum to pick out a name*

And the winner is...

Kirsten Brown!


Congratulations Kirsten!

If you could please email me at with your address I will make up your Monster Pheeple design and send it to you soon with a set of new Pheeple stickers!


Thank you SO much to everyone that participated in this month's giveaway!
If you would like me to make up your design into a needle felted Pheeple
you can order your design here:
and if you can't see the specifications that you'd like, just message me with your design ideas
and we can work together to create your very own, unique Pheeple!


I can't wait to hear from you

Thank you all again for your Pheeple love!


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