Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Having An Inkling

This post is way overdue I know,
today is all about my oober lovely
After craving for one of these for months and months,
Santa decided I had been good enough to get one for Xmas!
I'd thought about the IPad and other drawing tools for the computer, but when I saw a little tutorial for the Inkling 
it was love at first sight!
It just completely suited my sketchy style.
I'm afraid I find it impossible to draw just ONE line in any of my sketches!
There must be many to create a line!
This wonderful little device captures so much detail, it's just perfect!

It's very compact and fits in my bag so I can take it on the train with me on my adventures,
and it charges through a USB cord to your computer AND it comes with extra ink cartridges for the pen!
I am so pleased with this little gismo!
And all you do once you've sketched your doodle, is plug it in to your computer and open your sketches up in Photoshop or Illustrator (or whatever programme you have) and you can edit away!


So... if you've popped over to my website recently....? :)
You might have noticed some doodly changes!
It's been great for turning my website into something more personal.
My writing heads each page, and just like when I work on paper, there's little doodles and pictures around my work.
I haven't put any proper sketches on there yet.
That is the one thing with the Inkling, whilst it is super amazing, you might have to 'learn how to draw with it' if that makes any sense?
The pen has a sensor on it that the clip picks up, and because I'm so sketchy with my drawings, I often go over things a few times.
And sometimes the alignment of the pen and the clip aren't 100% bang on.
There are only small differences, but one time I was drawing a Pheeple, he ended up with 3 eyes instead of 2 because I'd gone back to go over it and the pen hadn't aligned to the exact spot!
So I'm practising now, practising not going back over my work.
Work on each bit, one at a time, and move on to the next.
Once I've got that sorted you can see some Pheeple doodles!
But the Inkling is definitely something that I would recommend!
Oh, and and you can save layers with it!
There's a little button on the clip, and when you click it, it starts a new layer!
How fantastic is that!
Let me know if you have an Inkling, I'd love to hear your Inkling stories!


  1. Wowweee, this sounds amazing!

    I have a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, but so far I haven't developed the patience to learn how to draw with it! This looks far easier to use!!

    I love all your new doodles!

    Sophie |

  2. Wow! Mind *blown* that is amazing!


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