Thursday, 7 February 2013

Make The Little Things Fun!

 one of those random little events that sparks something inspiring in your brain
My little felt mouse ring was included in a lovely treasury on Etsy:

Have Some Fun

and the way the curator (SewHappyGirls) had described how everyday life should be fun too,
and how every day should be a happy one
It just made my brain spark!
My intention has always been to create a little smile with my work.
I see all those grumpy people on the train to and from work
and I just want to see them all grinning away!
A happy face is much better than a sad face!
That's why I make fun little jewellery pieces and easy to hang wall art pieces.
I love typing away on my laptop and seeing the felt mouse sat on my finger, bouncing away with each tap.
It's as if he's typing too!
Simple little things and simple little moments that make us smile.
They're SO important!
Part of my New Years resolution this year is to appreciate the little things more,
and why not make those little things FUN!

Make The Little Things Fun

- That's my new motto!
I hope you're all having a wonderful day
full of lots of little, fun moments!

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