Thursday, 26 September 2013

32 Weeks With Bump

I'm not even sure you can call the little Sprogling "Bump" anymore. I think a more appropriate name would be more like, "Ginormous Ball Attached to My Tummy".

We're getting close now!
All the little apps are telling me that babies born from now onward have a much higher chance of survival,
the websites are telling me to pack my hospital bag
and I can't fit into any of my clothes any more!


It's funny how your mind changes with it all too.
I don't know if this counts for everyone, or perhaps it's just the way my brain likes to get around things, but the reality of it is definitely hitting home now.

Before, all I could think about was having a new, tiny little human to play with and teaching them all of the wonders of the world. The thought of showing them a butterfly for the first time, seeing their face when they took their first steps into snow, and just marvelling at the way the human body learns to 'live'.
But now, things seem to be a little different.
All I can think about is that everything is about to change dramatically, and will never be the same again!

- Not in a bad way exactly, just that this is it.... we're about to become a family!!!

I'm going to be a mum!!

I'm going to be responsible for another human being for the rest of my life!!

*terrifyingly looks down at the bump and wonders what kind of monster I've created*

It's such a strange thing to come to terms with.
I guess it must be something that all mums realise at one point or another
- your role in life has now completely changed!

Hopefully it won't stop me from being 'me' though...
I'd rather like to stay 'me'!


So, what on earth to pack in my hospital bag!?!

Me and Lewis went to an antenatal class at the weekend.
It was a proper, 5 hour crash course.
I had heard that NHS antenatal classes were a complete waste of time, so I wasn't overly confident that I was going to learn anything, but I thought that I should go anyway.
And it was brilliant!

It might be that I didn't know a lot of things that other mothers to-be know, but I learnt so much and even the things that I had researched, it was great to hear a midwife who knew what she was talking about, go into more detail and confirm those details.
I would definitely recommend going to an antenatal class. Even if you know all of the information you'll need, it's so reassuring to hear it all from someone with experience, and if you have any questions, she's right there to answer them for you.

She went through all of the different pain relief methods, with all the pros and cons for each, she talked to us about positions for giving birth and ways to relax during labour.
So much information, and reassurance that I just feel so much more confident as the time (super quickly) approaches.

She also talked to us about the biological side of things.
I didn't know if this would reassure or scare me more, but hearing how the female body develops to be able to completely take care of having a baby was possibly the most reassuring part of the whole thing for me.
The different muscles, how they change and adapt, how the baby itself responds to the shaping of the muscles and how (hopefully) a normal birth should go.
It all just made me totally marvel at my own body.
I had all these ideas that my body will want to just get the baby out one day and then it'll be all hands on deck for the midwives and doctors to manage the situation, let alone myself trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't do...
and as much of that is true, I now also know that my body really will know what it's doing when baby gives the 'Go! Go! Go!' signals!

The midwife gave us a good list of things to pack for the hospital too.
So this will be my little job tonight...

For you/labour:
~  Loose clothes/top that you won't mind getting messy 
~ Loose pj's/nightie (possibly front opening)
~ Sponge to wet your face or filled with water to bite one
~ Lucozade sweets or non fizzy energy drinks (DON'T have any fizzy drinks!)
~ Paracetamol (for the early stages of labour)
~ Lip balm (you will dehydrate and will need to drink lots, but lip balm will help too)
~ Socks
~ Massage ball
~ Music
~ Snacks (honey's good for energy)
~ Ear plugs and eye mask (to help you zone out)

~ Underwear
~ Nursing bra (if breast feeding)
~ Loads of maternity pads
~ Breast pads (if breast feeding)
~ Clothes to come home in (loose fitting, comfortable. Maternity clothes will probably still be best)
~ Toiletries
~ Towels
~ Camera
~ Phone (and charger)
~ Money (for more food/making phone calls if your phone goes caput!)

Not a lot then...

And for baby:

~ A few changes of clothes
~ Nappies
~ Muslin cloths
~ Milk formula (if not breast feeding)
~ Cotton hat
~ Mits
~ Booties

These are all just recommendations. There are others that I haven't listed because I won't be taking them, like a TENS machine etc. It's all about preference.
I think that I might take my own pillow though. I've heard that it really helps to relax when you have your own pillow.

If you can think of anything I've missed out, please give me a heads up, I know I'm going to forget something!

Baby room's getting there!



  1. OO It's so exciting! You look really well. Keep on being yourself and your baby will have a lovely Mum:) It's 12 years since my youngest baby was born, but I gave birth to all 3 of mine wearing the same grey t-shirt which I don't wear anymore, but I can't throw away! I do remember being glad of a pair of socks because my feet got really cold ...and music. Those midwives are worth their weight in gold!x

    1. Thanks Dotty, I've been trying to figure out what to wear for the actual 'giving birth' bit. I know it needs to be loose and comfortable, but something that i don't mind getting ruined. Hmm, I'll have a rummage tonight and see what I can find. It might have to be a sacrificial t shirt from Lewis! hehe :D But I expect it'll be something that I keep forever too. :)
      And socks are definitely going in the bag as well. Apparently your feet can get really cold, despite every other part of your body getting so hot. Poor little feet! x

  2. AHHHHHHHH. IT'S SO EXCITING!!!! You're going to be the coolest mummy EVAH. <3 <3

    Sophie x xx

    1. hehehe :D Thanks hun! Hasn't it gone so quickly!!
      Everything's crossed that I will be an ok mum ^_^ It's going to be quite the adventure!!

      Hope all's well with you sweet


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