Friday, 13 September 2013

Organising... Kinda!

Sorry I don't seem to be writing so much at the moment folks.
I am still here!
- just multi-tasking poorly I'm afraid!

I've been re-organising things in our house.
I love my new -kind of functional- shelf!

~ To Lewis: "It looks really pretty and puts lots of colour into the room!"

~ Secretly to myself: "Now I won't have to tidy up my wool stash after a crochet/knitting binge! Mwahaha!"

I've been knitting away at some little bobble hats for Innocent Smoothie's Big Knit!

Some people have made some amazing designs! It's worth popping over to the website just to have a peek at the teddy bear bottle hat. And it all helps Age UK too, so definitely not a bad thing!
And I've heard that some people have literally knitted hundreds! Hundreds!! I feel quite guilty with my little mob of 6... hopefully they'll do some good though, I'll try do more next year. Let me know if you see one of them about, it'd be great to find out where they end up.

I've been doing some more baby organising too!
~ it feels like that's all I do now, organise this, organise that! But it feels good knowing it's all done ~

I attempted following a knitting pattern for a baby's "elf-style" hat. It's not great, and I'm half tempted to cover it in pom poms, but hopefully when there's a cute little head in there it'll look much better!
Plus with a winter baby, it'll need all the head warmth it can get.
AND... are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Get some red baby wool, pop a white pom pom on the end... hey presto! Baby Santa hat!
Oh yes, there will be many an embarrassing photo for our poor little Sprog to try and hide when it's older!

We got this too:

I know it's a bit main stream, and I probably could've knocked something up myself, but I just adore this little pond-style play mat.
And the little Caterpillar plays music! Hehe, hell, if the little one isn't entertained by this, I certainly will be!

I think it'll be perfect when our little one starts seeing and interacting with things. The mat's really soft too, and will be a great little play area when the mosses basket and baby bouncer get boring!
And look at all those tags to attach things too!
I must be careful not to go too nuts!
But I'm thinking pom pom garlands, toys, bells, soft bunting... ok, so maybe not all at once...

I've got an idea for one of our little rugs too. It's all fluffy and a bright green, kind of like grass, so I'm thinking of sewing in some crochet daisies and other flowers and making a mini indoor garden mat.
Maybe I'll make a few worms and butterflies too!


So with all of these wonderful distractions, you might be able to tell that I haven't been able to felt as much as I normally would.
I still have a custom order on the go, and keeping a few ideas open for Xmas and Halloween.
But I'm also trying to plan some 'baby safe' designs to keep me going when the little one is here.

To be honest, I don't feel 100% comfortable with the idea of having my felting needles about when I have a new, teeny, tiny human to look after!
So I've been branching out with my wet felting and trying some designs to keep me going until I can organise my felting world!

 I'm loving these cake topper and garland ideas. Simple, wet felted balls and a bit of glue or thread, but they look quite effective.
And having a few bowls of warm soapy water around a little one sounds a lot safer than a foam block stuck full of sharp felting needles!
I need to work on some lovely colour schemes, but hopefully these designs will be hopping into my Emporium soon.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week,
and haven't been struck by the doom of Friday 13th!

I apologise if my next post isn't for a while, my to-do lists seem to be getting longer rather than shorter at the mo!

But still, a couple of months to go, and then the only to-do I'll have will be to feed, burp, change, hug 
and repeat!


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  1. You have just reminded me that I need to post the innocent hat I made :D


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