Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Without doubt this has most definitely been a year full of adventures!

An adorable, tiny baby grew into a cheeky, still adorable, toddler.
And that in itself is quite an adventure!

We've had ups and downs like you all have I'm sure, and at the end of it, we all take a sip of something bubbly and contemplate how on earth we got to this point.

Honestly, I've no idea!
It goes by in such a whoosh, but I know that I feel content, achieved, and brimming with excitement and anticipation for the next year to come.

who's got a New Years Resolution they're planning to stick to this year?

I've had a good few in mind, but I think I've narrowed them down to:

~ Blog more
(obviously! :) )

~ Try and be a bit more grown up about things
(that sounds a bit bonkers, but I still feel like I'm taking on the world as a kid. I'm not saying 'ditch my younger mind set'. Just try to be the responsible adult now that I've got my little son watching my every move!)

~ Organise!
(Now I've been a mum for over a year, I need to start organising my time properly, setting out 'working time' and 'play time'. My business needs a jolly good kick up the bottom!)

~ Try to fit in a date night or two
(Not that things are rubbish the way that they are, I just think a date night at least once a month would be magical. Even if it's just a game of monopoly and a glass of cider instead of watching the TV! Something I've found through the wonderful experience of being a mum - no one tells you just how hard it is to be 'Just Us')

There are sooooo many more, but at the moment, these are my 4 important ones.

Fingers crossed I can stick at them for more than just the 1st week of January!

I hope you're all enjoying your New Year!
Whether we stick to our resolutions or not, at least we know for sure that this time next year we'll have a gazillion stories to tell!

Have a good one everybody!

And I hope to be blogging to you all again soon!

And MOST importantly



  1. I think I say that I will blog more every year and then go GRRRR! When I run out of time and get behind! This year I think I'm just going to treat myself nicer and stress less.. I love seeing your little man grow! Brings back lovely memories.. Happy new year to you and your lovely little family! May it bring you lots of magic x

  2. Lovely to hear from you! Your resolutions sound great, tho don't get too grown-up- I'm sure your little toddler will keep you close to a sense of the child within!
    Happy New Year to you.xx


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