Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy Anniversary

Just a small post to say
 a very happy anniversary to my wonderful Lewis!
(warning - mushyness ahead!)

It has actually been a whole 5 years since we met!
A snowy day in Reading, meeting at the train station, a bag of nerves.
Then off to the pub to calm our nerves!
Followed by a walk in the snow, a game of 'throw snowballs at the statue's bottom', and exploring the little world around us.

I can honestly say that Lewis has been the only person to really 'get' me, notice the little things about me and make me laugh so much that I actually vomited water out of my nose in a shopping centre...
...and didn't feel the need to run away and hide after.

And it's never been boring, never been dull.
I love our little life that we've made together.

I know it's mushy and a little love sick,
but this guy is one in a million
and without a shadow of a doubt
my soul mate.

He even treated me to some roses 
(not too many that I'd tell him off for spending money on me, but enough to make me think he was wonderful!)

Happy Anniversary Lewis!
Here's to many more years of adventures, cups of tea, rubber duckies, adorable offspring, trips to the seaside, discovering the little things, and creating as many amazing memories as we possibly can!

I love you


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