Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Meeting Lovely People

Some days you meet someone who, for reasons unknown, just make you smile.

At Finn's playgroup today, we were visited by some vicars and their families who were travelling through the area. 

Now, I am utterly rubbish at meeting new people. Normally at playgroup I busy myself playing with Finn so as not to have one of those nerve wracking first conversations with another mum. I've tried it many times before. Sometimes we make friends for a bit, but then it fizzles out, sometimes I just get ignored as the other mum walks away. So if I'm honest, I've rather given up on trying to make a Mum friend.

This morning however, I was approached by a lovely guy who introduced me to his wife and his adorable two children. 
And we clicked.
I don't think I've ever clicked with a family before.

They were, without a doubt, the nicest people I've met in a good long while. 
Unfortunately their not local though, and will back home by the time next week's playgroup comes around. 
It's still so lovely to know that there are mums that I can 'click' with out there. I was quite convinced that I was a lost cause.
I mean we even talked about the embarrassing things and the difficult things. I'm not even sure I've had a conversation about the difficult side of being a mum with another mum. Conversations have always seemed to revolve around how well each child is doing, almost competitive and uncomfortable.

Is it just me or is finding a 'mum friend' surprisingly difficult? 

It's a shame that I'll probably never see her again or her lovely little children, but inspiring nonetheless that lovely mums are out there waiting for me to say 'hi!' 

Hi lovely mummies!



  1. It is lovely when you meet someone you connect with. It can be excruciating trying to meet new Mums. When my eldest child was a baby all the groups we went to all seemed to know each other already or their babies were at a different stage to mine & I felt q lonely at times. After we moved house I found I was pregnant again & the anxiety about coping with 2 babies made me approach other Mums with 2 children at baby clinic or toddler groups. some didn't " click", but one or two have now been my closest friends for 18 years! Stick with it, keep greeting people you meet- sometimes it won't go any further, but every once in a while you'll meet someone you connect with. Other Mum's can be a great support, tho' some a can be competitive about their children! Best wishes.x

  2. I clicked to reply and say watch out for the competitive ones but Dotty beat me to it (not that it was a competition of course!šŸ˜Š). Sometimes you do click, but I think really it just takes time. You will find good friends just because you are a good person xx


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