Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day

Sunday 15th March 2015 - Mother's Day

A day to appreciate all the lovely mummies out there!
And since becoming a mum myself, I have come to realise just how much it takes to be one.
It's hard work, exhausting in fact, and the little moments of rest, a chance to drink a warm cup of coffee, are pure gold. But of course, every single smile and giggle and cuddle are worth even more. 
Mum's I would officially like to high five you all!

I've only been a mummy for 2 years now, and as cliche as the whole Mother's Day thing is, I truly had the most amazing day!

My boy and my hubby-to-be spoiled me rotten!

Apparently Finn picked me some very cheery sunflowers himself

Perfect for the gloomy weather that seems to be determined to hang around at the moment. My house still looks sunny and ready to welcome Spring!
There's just something about having fresh flowers in the house.

I had some wonderful doodled cards, scrawled by my very own crayon-muncher and a pot of adorable tiny roses to make our home look even cheerier!
So much loveliness!

We had to do a shop and Lewis sneakily bought me a chocolate milkshake - my guilty pleasure
and some chocolate muffins!
Thoroughly spoiled

But my favourite bit of the whole lovely day was my traditional, special Mother's Day ice cream
- a little tub of ice cream to eat whilst we're out and about.
This year's flavour of choice was 

Ginger Spice 
by Jude's

and ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I would like to officially announce this as the best flavour in the entire world!!
I'm smitten, and may have to insist on this flavour for every other Mother's Day to come.

I'm still bouncing around today after my lovely day yesterday, I hope all you mummies out there had a lovely day as well and treated all of your mums to something lovely.
(If in future you are ever stuck for present ideas, I can't insist enough on how good Ginger Spice ice cream is!)

Happy belated Mother's Day all

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