Monday, 17 October 2011

Unpacking and Presents

Well, a new place to live.
It's a bit of a change and unpacking hasn't really happened, but most importantly, the felt has been unpacked!

It's not the tidiest set up, but It's more than what I had before,
a whole room to go fluff crazy in!
What more could a girl want!

And yep, you might be able to see there, being born,
my new little snowmen that I'm making for my shelf space at

What do you think?

I think I'm getting better on my timing too, each one of these
took me an hour and a half to make.
And they also inspired these little guys
which I think I've quite fallen for

More of these to come I think.

It is all systems go at the moment, I've got to build my stock for Things British, complete a new range of items for a shop near Leeds, update my Etsy store and get ready for a new online shop I'll be selling from soon!
I've got a feeling all supplies of tea bags and chocolate might be a tad sparse by the end of this month!

Oh, and I have 2 custom orders coming up too, as well as the felt dog that I showed you earlier (

Hmm, I think I might have to get me some minions!

So I think I've pretty much justified myself for a little treat.
I may have possibly treated myself to a little awesome something from

Such beautiful work!
I got a little set of pumpkin earrings!
Look at how they practically glow!
I am all set for Halloween now
Definitely pop along to her lovely shop for all sorts of lovely jewellery pieces!



  1. Aww honey, you are too sweet!! Thank you for the kind words and so pleased you like the items :)))

    Also can I just say... ASDFGHJKL!!!!!SOCUTE! At the snowmen. OH. MY. They are fabulous <3

    Love the picture of your 'space' too. I love seeing where people get crafty!

  2. Yay!! The felt has come out!!

    I am actually in love with your snowmen Rebecca!! They are the cutest!! xxx

  3. Woohoo!!! Best wishes in your new home! Love your workspace and I bet those super cute snowmen will sell well:)


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