Monday, 24 October 2011

Starting The Week...

Ah, a start to another week

There's something really refreshing about a Monday morning, I don't know whether it's looking at all of the grumpy faces around me on the train to work or the realisation that it is Monday again, but today I just really want to get going with my life.

I want to felt all day and all night long and make some amazing pieces

I've started some Xmas pieces already
(I have to admit, I'm quite impressed with how organised I am this year!)

What do you think of this little guy?

Just what you need for Xmas, a little felty snowman brooch to keep you company when it get snowy.

I can't wait to get my Xmas stock together.
I've got plans of more baubles, snowmen, Santa's, Xmas trees and maybe a reindeer or two.

I'm also working on my packaging.

I've ordered a whole set of labels from the wonderful

They're beautiful and exactly what I wanted to send off with my little boxes of felted goodies!
Definitely take a peek at her shop!

They look rather lovely I think!

to start the week!
Let's get felting!


  1. They look wonderful!! adorable works of art and the packaging and labels are spot on!


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