Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Year, New Start

Well, what a festive time that was!!
Happy New Year to you all!


I'm afraid I had my shop closed for a little while over the holidays, and I would like to apologise to all of you lovely followers out there.
I had a bit of health thingy going on, and my heart just wasn't in the felty world at the time.
I'm kinda debating whether to say what was up, but I don't want it to appear "attention seeky" or anything.
I do however want to raise a bit of awareness, because to be honest, I'd never heard of it before?

Have you ever heard of a fibroadenoma (otherwise known as a 'breast mouse')?
I hadn't, so when I felt a lump I had a bit of a panic!
But all is well now, I had a trip to the hospital to get poked and prodded, and it's not big enough to be concerned about, so I'm holding on to it for now and just keeping an eye on it.
I won't go on about my body bits but if anyone would like to know a bit more about fibroadenomas, feel free to ask! (the doc's filled me with all sorts of info and leaflets!)


On a much more exciting note, I'm felting again! 

My little imagination has just exploded with all sorts of felty ideas! 
I've got a new range of little characters I'd like to bring out. I'm making a little blue one now, but I'm afraid I can't show you yet... it's a secret! :) hehe!
There will be a few more felty mice and bunny rabbits popping into some of my online shops too.
Ahh, I've missed felting so much!

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and New Year!
Let's get this year started!


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