Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just another Wednesday...

It's been so long!!!

I have so much to tell you too, but I'm just scooting in and scooting out again.
But coming soon..

*   The Easter Duck Race
*  More Pheeple Fun
*  A Place To Find Monsters


I hope you're all having a lovely week
apart from the rain of course!

Don't forget to have a read of the new Shop Of The Week

This week's lovely shop is

I adore this shop!
Just take a look at these beauties!

Ahhh, I do love bunting!


Stay dry folks!



  1. Sounds great, and like you have been busy. Wishing you well in all that you do and love your new creation. It is so cute. The featured shop of the week is gorgeous, items are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. Such cute monsters! Sounds like you are very busy!
    I have nominated you for the "Leibster award"-it is a bit of fun. You can read about it here


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