Monday, 2 April 2012

Poor Unamed Beings!

This will be a competition that will run on my facebook page
but any comments written on this blog post will also be counted.

Help to create a new name for these cute little felted characters!

What would you call these cute little guys?

* Each name posted will count as one entry. An extra entry will be counted for each share (please include the link of your share).

* A maximum of 3 names are allowed to be entered from each person.
* To have a greater chance getting your name chosen, try to choose a name that is as unique as possible - feel free to check before hand to see if the name has already been taken.

* The closing date will be in a week's time on Sunday 8th April at midnight!

The winning name, chosen by myself, will be used to describe these little characters and the winner will get their very own little felt character themselves!
You will be able to choose your own colour combination and you will be able to choose from these 4 additional attributes : a party hat, a heart button, a ribbon flower or a pair of glasses.

I can't wait to see all the cute little names that you come up with!

Remember to check back here on Monday the 9th to see the winning name, and don't forget to make sure that I can get hold of you if you are the winner!!

Good luck everyone!

1 comment:

  1. They're too funny so I'll join the game! I'd say they are COSINI so this is also my entry :D ...right, or "COSINE" if they are females...cosini e cosine are cute names for little things without a name in italian.


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