Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Bit Of Music

Ahh, the radio did something awesome this morning,
and played a song that just made my face do a great big smiley thing


It's so true that music and songs can take you right back to a moment or a feeling.
As soon as they played it
I was whooshed back into my room at university, all the way down by the sea side,
and whilst doing my arty crafty things this song was always on my playlist.


And I just LOVE the advert

Mmm, my heart is skipping away right now
listening to this again!

Hmm, maybe I can incorporate this into my future wedding
along with the river of rubber duckies?



  1. hi Rebecca! your blog and felt creatures are so lovely!
    thanks also for sharing my banner on your blog , I'll do the same on mine :)

    1. Arr, thank you so much!
      Your work is gorgeous :)


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