Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Little Bit About Pheeples

The Pheeples have been around for a little while now,
but who really knows what or who they are?

Well, they've asked me very nicely to let you all know.
In fact, they somehow have it all written down! I'm not sure how, unless the Pheeples of old had hands and could write. Or maybe they trapped a poor, unsuspecting human and forced them to type it out.
(I'd like to vote for the latter personally. They are a VERY mischievous bunch!)


Anyhoo, they've told me that I can have cake if I post this,
so enjoy the 1st entry of...

The Pheeples 

Part #1

Did you ever lose a thought or a memory?
Even just the smallest thought of what you had for breakfast last Tuesday? It’ll be lost and forgotten, amongst many memories just the same. Lost in the forgotten places where there’s no control over any of them.
So they build themselves together, using the forgotten fluff and dust, found only in the forgotten places.
Half fluff and the other half, the wonderful essence of “People”, the Pheeple have decided that they don’t want to be forgotten any more. They want to explore the world that’s forgotten them, and remember as much of it as possible.

Of course, not all forgotten thoughts are mundane and quiet.  Some thoughts, before they were forgotten, were so intense that they even made you laugh out loud, and jump on the spot with excitement. And some are so terrible, that as soon as they are conjured into your mind, you immediately cast them aside, down the back of the sofa with the rest of the dust.

You might need to keep your eye on the Pheeples that are born there…

Stick around for more info on these little guys!
I've had a sneaky peek at how the Pheeple Fairies came to be, but apparently I'm not allowed to tell you about them until next time!

... maybe there'll be more cake!




  1. Wondrful! I wondered where the little guys came from...

  2. This is wonderful. Now I love your Pheeples even more!


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