Friday, 8 June 2012

This Week...

Ahhh Friday,
thank goodness!
To be honest, this week has been hard work.
Somehow, coming back to work on the Wednesday for 3 days of work before the weekend is harder than doing a normal week!
Hmm, not sure how that works, but hay!

So, what has everyone been up to this week?
I have found that going for a walk through massively tall grass in the rain can be quite refreshing!
Just so long as you roll your jeans up!
There's nothing worse than soggy jeans!

I've had an utterly gorgeous Lewis cook me an utterly gorgeous dinner!

Yes folks, that's STEAK!!

Thank you Lewis, you made my day!


I received something very special in the post this morning

Isn't it beautiful!


Take a little visit over to AlteredEras to see all of her wonderful jewellery pieces!
There's a stunning pair of earrings I've got my eye on, so you can browse and buy all of the loveliness... except them!


And last but not least this week,
I've been introduced to 2 amazing nuggets of animation!
I am in love with both of them,
they just make me smile so much!
And what could you want from a couple of minutes out of your day? A smile and a giggle is definitely worth a watch.
Thecuriousmissclay introduced me to
Simon's Cat

This is how my morning started yesterday!

...thanks Cat!

And I was also enlightened into the world of the Miniscule Series:


I can't tell you how happy this makes me!
and there's so much inspiration bubbling from these little animations.
I really do feel quite re-charged with ideas!

Who knows what the Pheeples will get up to now!

So that's my little week.
How was yours?

And next week's going to be even better...

I'm going to Cornwall!!


lol, I may be a tad over excited.

I hope you all have a lovely week next week,
 I'll try and bring you back a pasty or some ice cream!



  1. Pretty fab week here! SUPER PRODUCTIVE and half term!! REEEESULT!!! I love your week... Simon's cat rocks! And I am the queen of the turn ups at any time so no soggy jeans here!! ((big hugs)) Kitty xxx

  2. Sounds wonderful, and looks like there has been many adventures your way this week. Have a super time in Cornwall. xx


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