Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Take A Walk

The weather might not be that great out there at the moment,
but getting a breath of fresh air is still a must!
I don't know if it's me being all pregnanty, but I can't go a single day without wanting to stretch my legs and take in lung fulls of fresh air. - even if it is cold, rainy fresh air!
And last weekend was possibly our best walk about weekend in our new place so far!
We decided to go exploring and wondered down some lovely little country lanes
and we made some lovely friends.
Hello Cow!
And she followed us all the way along the hedgerow
And then we found her friends
I love cows, I think they're such gentle, curious creatures.
We met horses too
and there were donkeys at a wonderful farm shop that came to say hello.
All of the animals were so friendly and they all came over to see us and see what we were up to.
I feel so excited to know that all of these lovely characters are just outside our front door!
I think I'll have to pop back and visit them all again next weekend.
Sometimes I feel that with all of our busy lives and our ever growing world of technology, we forget to just go outside and see who's out there.
The air is great, the plants are all so unique and intricate, and the animals are just adorable!
I can't advise taking a break from the computer and the TV enough.
Find something new out there. A new daisy you haven't seen before or a herb hiding in the grass, or a friendly cow that follows you on your walk.

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  1. I agree- you can't beat a daily walk outside- it really lifts the spirits x


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