Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Planning A Garden

We have a garden for the very first time as a couple.
Our very own place to grow and nurture all sorts of wonderful things!
It's only a small space with a few trees and a little flower bed, but we're planning a little herb garden and some pretty flowers in pots!
We might even try growing some tomatoes and other veg.
Fingers crossed we have the gift of green fingers!
These are a few ideas and inspirational images I've found mooching through the internet that would make the perfect little garden!

These wonderful, simple plant markers are perfect for keeping an eye on which herbs you have. Especially if you're trying out some new herbs and might not remember what they are from the leaves!
I just love the look of flowers and plants spilling out of things, growing where you wouldn't expect them to grow. Something a bit different from your normal, upright growing flowers., this would definitely make the garden a whole lot more interesting. And who says you have to grow your plants in a upright terracotta pot anyhow?
I'd definitely like to re-create this 'spilling plant' look.
From Bee Box-Bee Hotel by Wudwerx Via Folksy
And this is just such a brilliant idea! I really want our little garden to attract as much wildlife as possible. I hope to make some homemade bird feeders and find something to use as a bird bath too, but don't forget the bees! And this is so perfect and compact, it could easily go down the bottom of our garden where we wouldn't disturb them, and they come in beautiful colours too.
I really can't wait to get my hands on our little patch of earth. And bit by bit we can grow it into a proper little paradise, full of life and colour, and a perfect place to relax in.
Let's hope for a sunny weekend!

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