Friday, 3 May 2013


Hmm, a blog post about blogging..
Why not!
It has been an absolute age since I last blogged, and even longer since I've really been into blogging.
I love the idea of keeping a regular blog, and really getting into some wonderful topics that I find interesting and that I think other people would find interesting too.
It's been so easy to conjure up little excuses to put blogging off, or to 'leave it until tomorrow'.
~  I've been moving house
I still don't have a proper camera to capture some wonderful photographs to decorate my blog with.
(still holding out for a Nikon D3100)
~  I haven't being going on any wonderful adventures to write about
~  and I certainly don't have a beautiful wardrobe of clothes to do beautiful outfit posts!
But then I take a proper look at the blogs that I love and the ones who really inspire me to get creative or try something new, and they're just people, and all different!
We are who we are. We're not a breed of bloggers who are all the same and do all the same things, that's not what blogging's about.
This is kind of like a diary, letting the world into your little life and hopefully sharing some wonderful things that might inspire someone else one day.
So wonderful people...
I'm going to really try and put some effort into my little blog.
This is me.
And this is the world of
Rebecca's Emporium

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  1. Aww, yay!! So looking forward to more blog posts from you :))

    I find the more you blog, the more you want to! I worried that I would never have enough ideas to post about but I think of ideas quicker than I can write these days! I've also started keeping a notebook with a monthly list in so I know which days to post what topic on and I can keep a list of ideas when I have writers block. It's helped SO much!!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven


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